9 of Portland's Best Classic Burgers

Food Travel LogoPORTLAND, OR - Portland's culinary scene boasts a vibrant burger landscape catering to diverse preferences.  While options like chicken, lentil, and black bean burgers tantalize taste buds, this article delves into classic beef burgers, unveiling some of the city's most delectable offerings.

9 of Portland's Best Classic Burgers
Unveiling Portland's Best Classic Burgers

The Juicy Quest: Unveiling Portland's Best Classic Burgers

1. Bless Your Heart Burgers

This beloved establishment carries on the legacy of its founder, John Gorham, with its signature burger. Duke's mayo and Martin's potato rolls complement perfectly cooked, juicy patties, making it a crowd-pleaser.

2. Bottle Rocket

Nestled within Cartopia, Bottle Rocket offers a playful ambiance alongside its burgers. Their classic burger has a perfectly browned patty, caramelized onions, and a spicy mayo sauce, which is a flavorful punch.

3. Burger Stevens

This cart-turned-cult favorite has seen its ups and downs. While inconsistency has been observed, their near-perfect smash burgers with paprika-infused sauce have the potential to be truly exceptional.

4. Clyde's Prime Rib

Beyond their renowned prime rib, Clyde's offers a delightful "Lounge Burger." This straightforward creation features tenderloin and brisket blend in a juicy patty, making it a satisfying choice.

5. Derby Kenton

Judith Stokes, the force behind Derby Kenton, has discovered the secret to Portland's best-kept smashed burger. Melty cheese, crisp lettuce, and a tangy mustard aioli elevate this burger to a top contender.

6. Expatriate

This bar's "American Standard" burger is anything but ordinary. There are no frills, just a perfectly cooked patty nestled in a soft bun with American cheese, raw onion, and classic condiments—a must-try for purists.

7. Farmer and the Beast

While known for their diverse menu, their "Beast Burger" shouldn't be overlooked. Two smashed patties, melty cheese, and their "really exceptional" sauce create a flavor reminiscent of a backyard BBQ, capturing the essence of a classic burger.

8. Fuller's Burger Shack

An iconic Portland establishment, Fuller's offers a timeless cheeseburger experience. Their version boasts juicy char, crisp lettuce, and perfectly melted cheese, staying true to its 1947 roots.

9. Grain & Gristle

While inconsistency has been noted, their burger showcases a dedication to quality. Custom-ground beef from Oregon's Hawley Ranch and perfectly toasted buns create a promising base, but execution seems to vary.

The Final Bite: Portland's burger scene is dynamic, offering something for everyone. This list provides a starting point for your exploration, and with a little research, you're sure to discover your perfect bite. Consistency can be critical, so don't hesitate to delve deeper and find your personal burger haven.