7 Must-Try Restaurants in Portland Maine

Best Places to Dine Out in Portland MaineMAINE - Portland Maine is home to more than just lobster rolls - although you will certainly find plenty! Instead, its culinary scene boasts top-rated restaurants offering fine cuisine. Continue reading below to discover some of the top dining spots in Portland Maine.

Dinning in Portland Maine

Portland's restaurant scene has made waves nationally for its innovative dishes, sophisticated environments, and impressive wine lists. Here are our favorites restaurants if you're a local or visiting Portland Maine!

7 Must-Try Restaurants in Portland Maine

Best Places to Dine Out in Portland Maine

1. Izakaya Minato

Izakaya Minato is a great place to recharge your batteries with Japanese cuisine. This restaurant's menu on Washington Ave. is extensive, offering sashimi and other Japanese dishes like fried chicken or udon. It also provides a variety of sake. The uni spoon is the perfect bite to share with friends. It comes with a sea urchin and a raw egg and may be one of Portland's best. 54 Washington Ave., Portland

2. Bar Futo

Bar Futo serves a Big Mac Skewer as a nod to their former Five Guys location. They cook a lot of Japanese binchotan. This includes skewers of all types or small plates such as charred Shishitos and horseradish with potato mochi. Learn about their Toki Highball Machine, which serves Suntory whisky with super-powered carbonated water.  425 Fore St., Portland

3. Twelve

This waterfront restaurant offers a menu with a fixed price and an a-la-carte option. Dishes include halibut with Ritz crackers, lobster rolls on hand-laminated croissants, and locally foraged Maine mushrooms. The food, particularly the desserts, and pastries, is excellent. The service is attentive but not intrusive. 115 Thames St., Portland

4. Cong Tu Bot

Cong Tu Bot's pink walls have seen many changes, but the newest version feels like a fresh start. Cong Tu Bot is a small plate restaurant inspired by Vietnamese quan-nhau, aka izakayas or gastropubs. It offers natural wine, local beer, and cocktail options for sharing, drinking, and snacking. Cong Tu Bot offers local Bangs Island Mussels with Coconut Tamari Sauce or Maine Mushrooms with Puffed Rice in a fiery Red-eye Sauce, as well as specials such as the Fall River Sandwich -- a wok-fried slab of lo mein on white bread with broiled cheddar. 57 Washington Ave., Portland

5. Wayside Tavern

Wayside Tavern, a restaurant in a historic Portland building in a small boutique hotel, is dim and cozy. It is not what was described in the first sentence. The neon sign is simple, and the interior glows green with a fireplace for added coziness. The staff is always friendly, and everything on their menu is expertly made and comforting--including kinds of pasta, beer-battered cod cheeks, and an eggplant terrine with housemade mozzarella. 747 Congress St., Portland

6. Eventide Oyster Co.

Eventide Oyster Company serves up some of the finest seafood in the entire city. The oyster bar in the East End has 20 types of bivalves and one of the city's best lobster rolls, served in a bun with brown butter instead of the usual hot dog bun. 86 Middle St., Portland

7. Duckfat

Duckfat is small and casual. It's always full of Winonas or Eliass. Portland, Maine, is lucky to have this restaurant. For brunch, lunch, and dinner, they serve delicious food that is not light, like poutine, with duck gravy. 43 Middle St., Portland