8 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Connecticut

8 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Connecticut CONNECTICUT - Connecticut may not be known for its barbecue, but some restaurants are changing that. America's love affair with smoked meat has led to many barbecue eateries--some good and others bad--. Still, the recent success of barbecue-focused reality shows like Project Smoke and BBQ Pitmasters has inspired even more good ones.

8 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Connecticut

Where are The Best Connecticut Barbecue Restaurants

Connecticut's expansive network of barbecue restaurants is at its center, some of which have become national sensations. Hoodoo Brown and ig Rig BBQ in Wallingford offers exceptional Connecticut BBQ offerings like chicken brisket, pork belly, pulled turkey wings, and more, along with tasty side dishes and desserts - not forgetting excellent sides and desserts to complete the experience.

1. Pig Rig BBQ in Wallingford

Pig Rig BBQ epitomizes mouthwatering barbecue goodness with its succulent ribs and delightful barbecue sandwiches filled with mac and cheese and meat piled high! Prices at Pig Rig are affordable, so dining here won't break your budget.

2. Smokin' With Chris in Southington

Smokin' With Chris offers an authentic Southwestern dining experience featuring cornbread, BBQ chicken, and spare ribs smoked for hours before service - offering intense flavors with tender meat! They even have a kid's menu just right for little diners!

3. When Pigs Fly Southern BBQ in Sharon

When Pig's Fly takes its Southern barbecue seriously, with flavor-rich dishes prepared using custom-built smokers for hours until their meats are perfectly tender and falling apart. Alongside this meal, they serve traditional side dishes such as collard greens and blackeyed peas for complete satisfaction.

4. Wire Mill BBQ in Redding

Wire Mill BBQ offers delicious pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, homemade smoked sausage, and cornbread dishes like homemade stew or creamy mac and cheese that you must experience first-hand! Their meats are typically smoked between eight-16 hours for optimal tender and fully-cooked results.

5. Hoodoo Brown BBQ in Ridgefield

Hoodoo Brown brings Texas barbecue straight to Connecticut with their delectable array of meat platters and hearty side options. Stop in for an enjoyable dining experience at Hoodoo Brown; come hungry if possible so you can share one of their impressive platters of deliciousness! For something smaller, try their Hogzilla sandwich, which features pork meat topped with special sauce, green tomato slices, and garlic bacon mayonnaise.

6. Taino Smokehouse in Middletown

Taino Smokehouse boasts both limited indoor seating and seasonal outdoor dining during its seasonal hours, taking its name from Caribbean Taino people believed to have pioneered barbecuing meats centuries before. Visit them today, and you may experience world-class appetizers such as bacon pops, fried pickle chips, wings, or an extensive barbecue meal!

7. Bear's Smokehouse BBQ, Multiple Locations

Bear's serves up unmatched barbecue dishes in three Connecticut locations. Highlights of their menu include delectable kielbasa with hand-cut fries, pulled pork sandwiches, and poutine, all to bring Kansas City-style BBQ right to you.

8. Chester's BBQ in Clinton and Groton

Chester's BBQ offers both indoor and seasonal outdoor seating for your convenience. They serve a selection of southern classics to provide unique flavors - chili, ribs, or messy barbecue sandwiches are among their specialties! Enjoy this warm atmosphere.