Our 6 Favorite Restaurants in Portland Maine

Where to Eat in Portland MaineMAINE - Portland is a foodie destination for many reasons. Maine restaurants gain national acclaim for their inventive menus and use of local ingredients, while Portland chefs are helping put Maine on the culinary map with each dish they create. Food publications with significant reach - like Bon Appetit - rank Portland among their must-visit food cities in America.

Our 6 Favorite Restaurants in Portland Maine

Where to Eat in Portland Maine?

1. Island Creek Oyster Shop

Island Creek Oysters supplies restaurants nationwide with the world's finest oysters. Stop by The Shop to get a variety of oysters. This is the ideal spot to enjoy a few dozen oysters with a glass of wine in the afternoon. 123 Washington Avenue in Portland

2. Yosaku

Yosaku is a Portland institution serving homestyle Japanese cuisine ranging from soba to teppanyaki. Here, fishmongers deliver their best products directly to the restaurant's chefs. The local catch is transformed into lobster sashimi and scallops in the shell served on wooden boats. The lunch specials, such as their daily bento box and sushi combination, are excellent. This place stands out for its spacious outdoor patio, perfect for large parties. 1 Danforth St, Portland

3. The Ugly Duckling

While waiting for your breakfast sandwich, chat with the barista at their horseshoe-shaped counter. It comes with a buttermilk English muffin. Stop in town and take home one of their Venezuelan cachitos or trocaderos in various flavors. If you want to take something home, they have a section of "cakes-in-a-jar" or portioned cookie batters. 246 Danforth St, Portland

4. Leeward

In what used to be a department store for men in the heart of downtown Portland, Leeward, a pasta restaurant, is tailored-made like an excellent suit. The menu is baked and prepared in-house, including the focaccia, crackers, and pappardelle with braised beef cheeks. It is the ideal place to celebrate a special event. The spacious dining room has a warm atmosphere. Free Street 85, Portland

5. West End

It is a small space but bursting with local products like food, gifts, and beauty items. You can browse at any time. Browse the store while you wait for your turmeric latte, steamed eggs sandwich, or caramelized handmade candles. This is a great place to grab breakfast, a quick snack, or a glass of wine during the day. The menu is always full of pastries, grab-and-go sandwiches like jam-and-butter on baguettes, and tartines. For dinner, there are also salads and freshly shucked oysters. 28 Brackett St, Portland

6. Crispy Gai

With its rosy lighting, you can sit at the outdoor counter or in the dining room and sample various Thai-inspired dishes such as papaya, noodles, and chicken fried in multiple forms. There are a variety of wings, including those with a wide range of flavors, extra-crispy drums and thighs, and crispy waterfall chicken, served in toasted rice and mint powder. Shareable plates, relaxed service, and a great atmosphere make this an excellent place to have a dinner party with friends. The Exchange St., Portland