7 of Our Favorite Beaches in Hawaii

7 of Our Favorite Beaches in HawaiiHAWAII - Hawaii is renowned worldwide for its stunning beaches; our readers have made their choices loud and clear. After receiving numerous responses, we've compiled a list of the top five Hawaii beaches that have captivated their hearts and imaginations.

What are The Best Beaches to Visit in Hawaii?

1. Waikiki Beach

Our favorite beach in Hawaii is Waikiki Beach, on the vibrant island of Oahu. Serving as the portal to paradise for countless visitors, this iconic beach boasts warm, gentle waves that gently lap against its lustrous golden sands. It is no surprise that Waikiki Beach effortlessly clinched the top spot, leaving an indelible mark on newcomers and seasoned travelers alike.

2. Hapuna Beach

The third spot is Hapuna Beach, found on the expansive Hawaii Island. Celebrated as one of the most extensive white-sand beaches on the island, Hapuna Beach is a beloved choice for both locals and tourists alike. Its consistently favorable conditions make it an ideal location for various water activities, including swimming, bodyboarding, and snorkeling.

3. Wailea Beach

Wailea Beach, located on Maui's southwestern coast, offers a glamorous and luxurious beach experience. With its soft golden sands and clear waters, it is a popular destination for those seeking a touch of glitz and glamour. The beach is flanked by upscale resorts, such as the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea and Waldorf Astoria's Grand Wailea, ensuring a pristine and uncrowded beachfront. One of the highlights of Wailea Beach is its whale watching opportunities. From November to April, visitors can witness the majestic whales swimming in the nearby waters.

4. Kaanapali Beach

Claiming the second spot is the mesmerizing Kaanapali Beach, nestled on the breathtaking west coast of Maui. This three-mile stretch of pristine white sand, complemented by crystal-clear blue waters, has a regal history as it was once the playground of Maui's elite. Even today, it remains a favored escape for travelers seeking solace and serenity amidst nature's wonders.

5. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach, delicately tucked away just outside a residential area on Oahu, holds the fourth spot on our readers' list. Regarded as the most exquisite beach on the island, Lanikai is a tranquil oasis boasting aqua-blue waters that gracefully mingle with the powdery white sand. The majestic Na Mokulua islands further enhance the picturesque backdrop, solidifying its status as a scenic spot worth capturing on camera.

6. Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach on Oahu is perfect for leisurely strolls along its three-mile stretch of white sand. This beautiful beach boasts uninterrupted views, sandwiched between the dramatic cliffs of the Ko'olau mountain range and the stunning blue-green waters of Waimanalo Bay. Located on Oahu's windward coast, it remains relatively uncrowded, making it a favorite spot for local families and well-informed visitors. In addition to its natural beauty, Waimanalo is also known for its Hawaiian green sea turtles, so keep an eye out for these majestic creatures during your walk.

7. Poipu Beach

Last but not least, Poipu Beach on Kauai's southern shores claims the fifth spot on our readers' list. This captivating beach tantalizes visitors with a series of golden-sand crescents, enticing them to explore crystal-clear blue waters. Poipu Beach caters to all skill levels and preferences, whether snorkeling, swimming, or surfing. Families are particularly drawn to the protected wading pool, providing a safe space for little ones to enjoy the ocean's wonders. Watch for endangered Hawaiian monk seals, who may occasionally bless visitors with their presence as they bask in the sun along the shore.

These five beaches flawlessly showcase Hawaii's enchanting coastline's unparalleled beauty and remarkable diversity. With their allure and undeniable charm, they have cemented their status as must-visit destinations for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers from around the globe.