The 10 Most Haunted Places in California

Haunted Places in CaliforniaCALIFORNA - Most people think of California when they think of beautiful beaches and rich cultural and historic attractions; however, The Golden State also boasts an unwelcome dark side!

The 10 Most Haunted Places in California

Where Are The Most Haunted Places in California?

1. The Glen Tavern Inn

Glen Taven Inn customers have reported full-body apparitions, piano-playing ghosts, and various poltergeist activities at this historic hotel in Santa Paula. In addition, guests have reported hearing their belongings being knocked off their dressers.

2. East 8 Mile Road

East 8 Mile Road in Stockton may appear an ordinary, straight roadway; however, local truck drivers have witnessed three ghostly presences along its length. Drivers have seen women dressed all in white strolling along this stretch, appearing either in their rearview mirrors or in photos they take.

3. Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is known for its mysterious passageways, upside-down columns, and staircases leading nowhere - it has even been said that Sarah Winchester (widow of William Wirt Winchester, firearms magnate) haunts it!

4. Los Coches Adobe

Due to its past as a brothel, this place is considered an epicenter of paranormal activity, with reports of disembodied voices, apparitions, and screaming heard throughout.

5. Alcatraz

San Francisco Bay's rocky island once housed some of America's most notorious prison inmates; now, it serves as a popular tourist attraction. The Birdman of Alcatraz became well-known for his bird-watching activities after being banished to Alcatraz Island in 1909. Before this, he had caused problems at McNeil Island before attacking a guard at Leavenworth, Kansas.

6. Queen Mary Hotel

On the Travel Channel, this historic house has become famously known as America's Most Haunted House. Staff and guests report footsteps, strange sounds, and sightings of ghostly figures at this haunted place. Visitors can take a spooky tour to learn more about its legends.

7. Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel Arcangel was established on July 25th, 1797, to bridge the gap between Mission San Antonio de Padua and Mission San Luis Obispo. It's also a trendy destination for paranormal researchers. They have captured a range of ghostly occurrences, including people appearing and disappearing, doors opening and closing on their own, lights turning on and off, objects moving around, and even a ghostly baby.

8. Colorado Street Bridge

Pasadena landmark and popular walking spot, this bridge has long been recognized for its beauty even at nightfall, as seen in La La Land movie. However, its bridge also carries an unnerving history as a suicide spot.

9. Oak Park Cemetery

Oak Park Cemetery in Claremont is a serene place where many founders have been laid to rest. It offers a peaceful atmosphere with oak and sycamore trees providing shade; additionally, it is said that Oak Park Cemetery hosts several ghosts, including staircases leading nowhere and doors opening onto blank walls.

10. Disneyland

Disneyland is haunted by many different spirits, but some of the most famous is a crying boy appearing on Pirates of the Caribbean, America Sings, and Deborah Stone, a cast member who was crushed to death in 1974. Other than these stories, there are reports of eerie things like objects flying around the ride's scenes or even cigarette smoke.