The Traveling Man Art Project in Dallas Texas

The Traveling Man Art Project in Dallas TexasTEXAS - The Traveling Man art project, created by the esteemed artist Brad Oldham, is far from ordinary. It is a significant endeavor that has not only replaced the traditional murals that once symbolized the vibrant spirit of the Deep Ellum neighborhood but also redefined the area's visual landscape. Oldham's impressive installations, meticulously crafted using polished metal sheets and rivets, vividly represent the rich railway history that Deep Ellum holds.

The Traveling Man Art Project in Dallas Texas
Photo: Steve Rainwater - Waiting on a Train - the Traveling Man reclines against a fragment of the 1930 Deep Ellum tunnel, playing music on his guitar and watching the traffic go by.

The Traveling Man Art Project

Each statue in the series tells a unique story and pays homage to the area's past while capturing the essence of the Traveling Man himself. The first statue, named Awakening, stands as a striking symbol of birth and emergence. Here, the Traveling Man's head emerges intriguingly from a symbolic pit of gravel, encapsulating the moment of his arrival into the world. It is a thought-provoking piece that invites viewers to reflect on their journeys and awakenings.

The second statue, Waiting on the Train, is a cunning creation that artfully portrays the anticipation and yearning that often accompany train travel. The Traveling Man is depicted comfortably sitting, with a contagious smile, strumming a guitar. This captivating piece is set against debris from a relic rail tunnel, emphasizing the historical connection between Deep Ellum and the railway system.

Rising above the other statues is the magnificent Walking Tall, the tallest of the trilogy. It serves as a true testament to the Traveling Man's free-spirited nature. Here, he is depicted leisurely strolling through the streets of Deep Ellum, accompanied by his avian companions. This statue, erected near the Deep Ellum light rail station, embodies the deep connection between the neighborhood and trains and stands as a powerful representation of the area's unwavering support for the arts.

The Traveling Man installations have quickly become beloved landmarks in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. Their larger-than-life presence and evocative portrayal of history and creativity captivate visitors and locals alike. These statues create a unique sense of place, inviting people to appreciate their artistic beauty and engage with the stories they tell. With their striking combination of artistry and historical significance, the Traveling Man installations inspire awe and wonder in all who encounter them.