Best Shore Towns Near Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - The summers in Philadelphia are unbearably hot and make enjoying the beach or any other outdoor activity impossible. And the city doesn't have its own personal shore, though it sits in the middle of Delaware and Jersey shores.

Best Beaches Near Philadelphia

However, there are several beach getaways near Philadelphia. Read on for a few recommendations. Listed below are the best beaches near Philadelphia. In addition, you can also check out these nearby cities.

Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park features close to ten miles of sandy beaches. You can enjoy swimming, playing in the sand, boogie boarding, or taking a stroll along the shoreline. In addition to beaches, Island Beach is home to a variety of birds and animals. Visitors can also enjoy the local wildlife and bird life. While you're here, you can also enjoy a picnic lunch in the pavilion. The park encourages a carry-in/carry-out policy, so bring plenty of trash bags.

Located under two hours from Center City, Island Beach State Park is an ideal family getaway. Unlike other beach towns, this New Jersey destination has hiking trails, bicycle lanes, a nature center, and many other features that make it a great destination. Families will enjoy the beach here, and there's a beach bar open during the afternoon. Island Beach State Park is also great for couples to spend an afternoon.

Brigantine Beach

A trip to Brigantine Beach, New Jersey, is the perfect date night destination. This beach town is home to sandy dunes and ocean views and offers an unspoiled atmosphere for a relaxing beach vacation. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment options for people of all ages. It also has many attractions for children, as there are plenty of things to do with grandparents and grandchildren. The Brigantine Inn, once a beachfront hotel, was converted to serve as the Coastal Warning Service of the U.S. Army during the Second World War.

The Brigantine Story began during the American Revolution when pirates attacked British ships. Later, the area became known for its salt production and shipbuilding industries. Whalers also called Brigantine home, which is why the town is home to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. In addition to the marine mammals, the community also has an undeveloped shrub habitat, which is home to passerine species. Visitors can camp here to view the local wildlife.

Seaside Heights Beach

While in the Philadelphia area, don't forget to stop by Seaside Heights Beach. The town's sandy shores make for a perfect day out. You can spend a day on the sand at this Pennsylvania beach during the summer. The area is conveniently close to New York City and Philadelphia. The Garden State Parkway exit 82 offers easy access to Seaside Heights. Route 37 crosses Barnegat Bay to get there.

Visitors will find an expansive shoreline and the perfect spot for beach picnics and loungers. The nearby boardwalk has plenty of concessions and is lined with Victorian mansions. As part of a resort town, Philadelphians can spend their summers in this charming beachfront community. However, keep in mind that this beach may be temporarily closed due to global health issues. If you plan to visit this beach, check out the rest of the city's beaches as well.

Sea Isle City Beach

If you're looking for an oceanfront location with a family-friendly atmosphere, look no further than Sea Isle City Beach. With its long coastline and numerous water sports, this beach town has something for everyone. There are activities for everyone, from kayaking, surf fishing, and catamaran rides in calmer waters to competitive games of sand volleyball. If you have some extra money, you can try kiteboarding and surfing while you're here, too

The seaside town is also home to lively nightlife and numerous parks. You can hire a private boat and explore the bay or choose a guided tour with a professional captain. There are also five miles of sandy beach to enjoy. The beach is well-maintained and has a lot to offer for families. On the island's south end, the Townsend Inlet Waterfront Park attracts birdwatchers and photographers.

Asbury Park Beach

A trip to Asbury Park isn't complete without visiting the area's famous boardwalk. This 1.6-square-mile stretch of beach is home to many notable bands, including Bruce Springsteen. This city, in fact, was named one of Newsweek's top 25 U.S. beach towns for the 2020 season. The list was determined by comparing holiday destinations to cities with other activities and attractions besides hitting the beach.

There are dozens of reasons to visit this resort island, located on the Jersey Shore. The sandy beaches are perfect for families and offer a wide range of fun. While the water is relatively calm and shallow, you can still find many shops and restaurants along the boardwalk. Even cooking classes are available, and many of the restaurants are owned by celebrity chefs. You can also relax on a beach chair while enjoying a delicious meal prepared by one of these chefs.

Wildwood Beach

Summer is a great time to visit Philadelphia's beautiful beaches, including Cape May, Atlantic City, and Wildwood Beach. While Philadelphia's summers can be hot and humid, many residents and tourists flock to the region's nearby beaches. While Philadelphia lacks a personal shore, there are several beaches nearby that provide a variety of activities for beachgoers. Here are a few of the most popular destinations.