Two Zoos to See Pandas in the United States

PandasZoos have long been enjoyable for children and adults alike while also playing an essential conservation role. Zoos provide safe environments to raise and study endangered animals in safe conditions, while some even host special events such as Twilight Tours or Summer "Twilight Tours." As such, zoos have become popular destinations among animal enthusiasts, one reason being an opportunity to see pandas here in America.

Two Zoos to See Pandas in the United States

Pandas in the United States

1. Smithsonian National Zoo (Washington, DC)

Giant pandas, native to central China and now a symbol of vulnerable species, are native to this region. Only 1,864 pandas are left in their natural habitat. Another 600 pandas reside in zoos, breeding centers, and zoos around the globe. Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, a leader in panda conservation, is located at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

2. Zoo Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)

You can see giant pandas at any time during the day. In the summer, they tend to be in their climate-controlled dayroom habitats because they are from high-elevation mountain forests with cool climates. In Atlanta's cooler months, pandas may either be indoors or outdoors. PandaCam is an excellent way for panda lovers around the globe to watch these adorable creatures.