The 9 Best River Walks in the United States

UNITED STATES - A few cities in the United States have some of the best River Walks. These include the Chicago Riverwalk, the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, OR, and the Riverfront Wilmington in Delaware. Other cities with some of the best River Walks include the San Antonio River Walk in Texas, the Tennessee Riverwalk in Chattanooga, TN, and the Riverwalk District in Reno, NV.

The Best River Walks in the United States
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 America's Best and Most Scenic River Walks

The Chicago Riverwalk in Chicago IL

The Chicago Riverwalk is a 1.25-mile-long park in Chicago. It connects the city's lakefront to downtown Chicago, offering various recreational activities. The park features boat trips, museums, restaurants, and bars. The design of the Riverwalk includes ADA-compliant access, floating wetland gardens, public seating, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The path's paving mirrors the surrounding context. The oldest section of the Riverwalk was constructed in 2001. It was initially part of a plan to extend the existing lakeshore trail. The first part of the Riverwalk was located from Michigan Avenue to Wabash Avenue.

The Chicago Riverwalk has become a city-wide destination for residents and tourists. It has been estimated to have generated more than $7 billion in construction since 2009. It is one of the largest public parks in the country. It is a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Chicago while supporting local businesses and ecologically sustainable practices. The design of the Riverwalk was led by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), and it is a perfect marriage of urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture. The Riverwalk is an integrated urban space designed to complement the rich history of the river and the city.

Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland OR

Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a popular place for family fun and relaxation. The park offers beautiful views of Mount Hood and the Willamette River. It is a popular place for swimming, jogging, and biking. The park has many events and festivals that take place throughout the year. The park also has an off-leash dog area. The park has several playgrounds and a theater. The park is also home to the Oregon Maritime Center and Museum.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park is a great place to walk, jog, and enjoy the view of the Willamette River. It is also a popular spot for concerts. The park is serviced by the TriMet MAX light rail. You can easily get to the park by taking the train or bus. The Park is also a perfect location for a date night. In addition to the park, you can visit the Voodoo Doughnut and Wedding Chapel, the Hoyt Arboretum, or the International Test Rose Garden.

Greenville's Riverwalk in South Carolina

If you are considering moving to Greenville, South Carolina, you may want to check out the downtown Riverwalk. This is a beautiful park that features a series of cascading waterfalls. This park is located in the city's Historic West End and is open seven days a week. It has public restrooms and free Wi-Fi. The website also provides information about directions and pet regulations.  One of the park's biggest attractions is a pedestrian bridge that takes you over a waterfall. This is a great place to walk or ride a bike along the Reedy River. There is also a playground, a clubhouse, and a fitness room. It is a beautiful place to spend time with family and friends. There is even an Olympic-size pool to keep you cool. If you are looking for the best rates, consider the RiverWalk apartments. They are the best apartment deals in the Greenville area.

The San Antonio River Walk in Texas

The San Antonio River Walk is a 15-mile waterside pathway located in the heart of downtown. It includes a variety of attractions, parks, museums, theaters, and restaurants. It is considered one of the top things to do in Texas. The River Walk started as a plan by architect Robert H. H. Hugman, who wanted to make the San Antonio River a tourist attraction. He drafted a detailed plan to keep the flow of the river controlled.

This plan resulted in the creation of the San Antonio River Walk. Hugman's vision has become the cornerstone of San Antonio's tourism industry. The River Walk draws millions of visitors a year. San Antonio's River Walk includes several bridges with great views. It also features water fountains and restrooms. The landscaping around the river includes elephant ears, tropical plants, and waterfalls. The Downtown Reach is the most popular. It features restaurants and shops. The other two sections are called Mission Reach and Museum Reach. Each section has a separate set of attractions, but they all share the same landscape.

Reno's Riverwalk District in Nevada

Reno's Riverwalk District is an area that is popular with many. It features restaurants and other shops, parks, public art, and recreational opportunities. The area was revamped in the 1990s. Pedestrians can stroll for free, and parking is always available. One of the most impressive things about the Riverwalk is the number of businesses that line its length. You'll find an eclectic mix of eateries, shops, and bars.

There are also plenty of events to keep you entertained. You can attend a wine-tasting event or go to a concert. The Riverwalk also hosts several holiday events. You'll be able to get a good workout at The Eddy, a family-friendly fitness center. The Eddy is located on the Riverwalk, along with three other local bars. A food-focused walk down the Riverwalk is the logical next step. The area is home to the West Street Market, a small but impressive downtown hub with restaurants, coffee houses, and other shops. You can enjoy a range of cuisines there, and if you're vegan or vegetarian, you'll find something to eat.

The Tennessee Riverwalk in Chattanooga, TN

The Tennessee Riverwalk in Chattanooga is a linear park on the edge of the Tennessee River. It links the city's many parks and businesses. The path features numerous bridges and is perfect for walking, running, and biking. The 13-mile path begins in downtown Chattanooga and continues northeast to the Chickamauga Dam. At the end, it enters into Moccasin Bend National Archeological District. The path is lit and has mile markers every half mile.

One of the best parts of the path is the view of the river. You can see both the city and the marshes. The path is also great for birdwatching and jogging. The newest component of the Riverwalk includes a grand 360-foot pedestrian bridge. There are numerous river overlooks and two public restrooms. In addition, the Riverwalk has added several picnic facilities and lighted parking areas. It also has a new boat launch and handicapped-accessible fishing pier. The Tennessee Riverwalk has recently been expanded to include more segments at Ross's Landing. This area of the path incorporates the area's history and is set to become the backdrop for the Tennessee Aquarium.

The Tampa Riverwalk in Florida

The Tampa Riverwalk in Florida is one of the best places to see. It is a 4.2-kilometer (2.5-mile) paved path that winds along the Hillsborough River, linking many of the city's most popular attractions. The pedestrian pathway is free and open to the public. In addition to connecting hotels and other landmarks, the river walk features various restaurants and cultural attractions. The 2.8-kilometer (1.3-mile) original Riverwalk is accessible from the north and south banks of the Hillsborough River. The first waterside planks were laid near Curtis Hixon Park in 1976.

The Tampa Riverwalk also boasts several cultural attractions, such as the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, the Glazer Children's Museum, the Tampa Bay History Center, and the Tampa Museum of Art. You can also rent a bike and ride down the river for a unique experience. If you want to see the sights, you should take a self-guided tour of the Riverwalk. It is easy to get around, and there is plenty of room to sit and enjoy the view.

The Riverfront Wilmington in Delaware

The Riverfront Wilmington is located along the Christina River. Visitors can take in the sights, smells, and sounds of the area's rich history. A wide variety of attractions and activities are available throughout the year. The downtown area is filled with historic buildings, restaurants, and shops. The Wilmington Riverwalk is a fun destination for the whole family. It offers several exciting and educational opportunities. In addition, there is an assortment of dining options, including farm-to-table restaurants, brewpubs, and outdoor dining.

The Riverfront Wilmington also offers entertainment and shopping. There are several historical sites and museums in the city. Several of them are within easy walking distance. The DuPont Environmental Education Center is free to visit. It features touchscreen exhibits, and it is open Tuesday through Friday. On weekends, the center hosts free nature activities. The Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park is a relaxing place to take a break. This site includes a monument to Harriet Tubman, the most famous "conductor" of the Underground Railroad. The area's shipbuilding history is remembered in the Dravo Plaza.

Providence’s Waterplace Park and Riverwalk in RI

Waterplace Park and Riverwalk in Rhode Island is one of the city's excellent public spaces. This urban park features an amphitheater, a pavilion, and several winding paths, making it a destination for many locals and visitors. It also offers several events, from concerts to theater productions. This urban park is located in the heart of downtown Providence. It is made up of four acres of beautifully landscaped land. The site has pavilions, fountains, and cobblestone pathways around the river.

The Riverwalk & Waterplace Park is located near the confluence of the Woonasquatucket and Providence rivers. It features classical bridges that are reminiscent of Venice. It is also a popular destination for gondola tours. Providence plans to expand the area with a new path above flood elevations. The project will also improve stormwater runoff infrastructure. The plan also includes improving pedestrian access. The Riverwalk is a significant component of the city's revitalization efforts. It was built in 1994. However, it has been prone to flooding in recent years. The city plans to upgrade it with seven ADA-compliant access points. In addition, it will add a shared-use path that will improve safety and pedestrian accessibility.