North Carolina Top Attractions For The Whole Family

NORTH CAROLINA - If you're a history buff, there are plenty of things to do in North Carolina. For example, you could spend a day at Biltmore Estate or take in a holiday event at the USS North Carolina Battleship. You could also visit the North Carolina Zoo or explore the Great Smoky Mountains. All of these things are great options for family vacations.

North Carolina Top Attractions
Biltmore Estate


Biltmore Estate

If you're looking for a place to spend your North Carolina vacation, the Biltmore Estate is the place to go. This gorgeous estate is famous for its magnificent architecture and spectacular garden landscape, and it offers a variety of thrilling activities for guests. You can also dine at the estate's restaurants and shop for souvenirs. At night, the Biltmore Estate comes alive with more than one hundred thousand twinkling lights, and features live music and light shows.

George Vanderbilt built the Biltmore Estate in the early 1890s and now offers tours of its museum and 8,000 acres of land. It contains the largest private home in the United States and features intricate details throughout each room. Visitors can also explore the estate's 8,000 acres of gardens, designed by the same architect who designed Central Park.

Visitors can also go for horseback riding on the estate's vast grounds. There are also several options for outdoor activities, including an off-road Land Rover Experience, fly-fishing trips with Orvis-endorsed guides, river floats on the French Broad River, and falconry lessons. The grounds of the Biltmore Estate include a network of nature trails and a conservatory.

USS North Carolina Battleship

The USS North Carolina Battleship is one of North Carolina's most iconic attractions, and it's open to the public all year round.  It was commissioned in 1941 and participated in over a dozen Pacific Ocean offensives during World War II. After the war, it was scheduled to be scrapped, but North Carolinians petitioned to keep it. The ship was then converted into a museum and opened to the public in 1962.

The USS North Carolina Battleship is expected to open to the public again in 2023, but its renovations aren't complete yet. The current plan involves raising the park's parking lot to make room for the renovation and adding "constructed wetlands" and "living shoreline" areas. The project will cost between $4 million and $5 million and is expected to be completed in 2023.

The USS North Carolina Battleship, located in Wilmington, is the state's most famous maritime attraction. It was one of the first ten battleships to join the US Navy and was commissioned on April 9, 1941. It is an amazing vessel and remains one of the world's most powerful sea weapons. Tours are available for those who want to know more about its history.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

As the most popular national park in the United States, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is experiencing record visitation.  Last year, it received 14.1 million visits. A portion of the money collected from park visitors goes to the park's maintenance and services. This includes trail maintenance and more law enforcement staff across the park. Additionally, park revenue helps maintain visitor centers and campgrounds.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a popular fall destination for its foliage. The park also has a mild winter. However, temperatures vary dramatically from lower to higher elevations. The temperature in lower elevations can be 70 degrees, while it drops to -20 degrees at higher elevations. In addition, snow frequently falls during the winter. During this time, the park is best for activities such as hiking and camping.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. It is within a day's drive of more than half of the U.S. population. You can reach the park via US Highway 441 (also known as Newfound Gap Road), which runs east-west through the park. It connects Gatlinburg, North Carolina, and Cherokee, Tennessee. In addition to its scenic beauty, the park also features more than 200 species of birds.

North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo is getting a major expansion. Governor Roy Cooper recently recommended a $46 million investment in an area that will draw more than one million visitors annually. Many visitors will stay longer than one day and may even return a second time. The zoo closed briefly during the COVID-19 pandemic but is now back in business and thriving. The zoo serves around 4,000 visitors daily at full capacity.

The North Carolina Zoo is currently working on expanding its Asia and Australia sections. These expansions will be completed within five years and join the existing North American and African sections. The Asia section will cost $46 million to complete and is slated to open in time for the 2023 season. The expansion will include exhibits featuring tigers, red pandas, and Komodo dragons. The Australia section will open soon after. It will include an aviary with Australian birds and an exhibit dedicated to kangaroos.

Whether you're looking for an exciting animal encounter, enchanting outdoor art, or just a relaxing and serene experience, the North Carolina Zoo is the perfect place to spend a day. Located near the scenic Uwharrie Mountains, this zoo is an international leader in animal conservation. The North Carolina Zoo is the largest natural habitat zoo in the world, and its 1,800 animals are sure to delight visitors. Besides the zoo's animal exhibits, the park also features five-mile walking and hiking trails.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest museum in the Southeastern United States. Located in Raleigh, the museum is one of the state's oldest and most popular attractions. As of 2013, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences had 1.2 million visitors.

The museum's four floors feature a variety of exhibits, live animals, and 3D movies. In addition, the museum features two cafes and three gift shops. It also features a 70-foot globe in the center that houses a three-story theater. The museum's five glass-walled research labs are an excellent place for visitors to watch scientists at work and perform experiments led by museum educators.

The Nature Exploration Center has exhibits related to the coastal regions of North Carolina. It also features exhibits related to the history of gemstones in the state and exhibits on marine life. Visitors can also see a scaled-down replica of our planet and learn about its habitat. There is also a 42-foot-tall video screen that features information on natural science. The museum also hosts guest speakers and scientists from its research labs. The museum has an exhibit dedicated to Stumpy the Right Whale, known as the "Terror of the South" due to its bones.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

If you're looking for a place to spend the day, consider visiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial. Located on the Outer Banks, this memorial is home to the first powered flight. Located in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the memorial is open year-round and welcomes visitors. The park offers a variety of exhibits and features. You can visit the park seven days a week, except on Christmas Day, and from 9:00 am to 5 pm. The park has ample parking and paved walkways throughout the grounds.

Visitors will find a variety of activities and fun attractions for people of all ages at the Wright Brothers National Memorial. It is also close to several great parks, including Jockey's Ridge State Park and Nags Head Woods. Jockey's Ridge State Park boasts the tallest dunes on the east coast. This 427-acre wonderland is one of the state's top attractions.

The Wright Brothers National Memorial includes two museums. The first is a 65-acre outdoor museum where you can view the Wright Flyer III, the first practical airplane in the world. The museum also includes a replica of the Wright brothers' bicycle shop.

North Carolina Aquariums

The aquariums are located in the mountains of the state and the Outer Banks. They showcase a variety of freshwater and saltwater ecosystems. Some exhibits are interactive, such as the Tree-Mendous Nature Play area. The aquarium also offers an educational program that features presentations from experts. Virtual reality technology is also used to experience some of the events.

The North Carolina Aquarium has more than 3,000 aquatic specimens and is the largest saltwater aquarium in the state. The aquarium focuses on native ecosystems and emphasizes the different marine habitats. The Aquarium is also home to the "Living Shipwreck" exhibit, which features a life-sized replica of a German U-352 submarine and a 60-foot viewing window.

The aquariums provide educational programs for children and adults alike. Members receive special access to the aquarium's events and enjoy other benefits. They also receive discounts at local restaurants, attractions, and businesses.