USS North Carolina Battleship North Carolina's Most Iconic Attraction

North Carolina - NC is home to the USS North Carolina Battleship. It is the lead ship in the North Carolina class of fast battleships and was the first of its kind built for the United States Navy. Its majesty and heritage make it one of the most popular attractions in North Carolina.

North Carolina's Most Iconic Attraction
Photo: USS North Carolina Battleship North Carolina


North Carolina's Most Iconic Attraction

The USS, North Carolina battleship is an exhibit that spans nine levels and tells the story of the crew who sailed across the Atlantic during World War II. It is an interesting experience for history buffs and gives visitors a chance to experience being a captain for a day. There are also interactive displays throughout the exhibits that can help visitors learn more about the battleship's history.

Visitors can tour the battleship's various levels on their own or with the help of a guide. Self-guided tours are available daily and include an introductory movie in the auditorium. The Battleship can also be rented out for special events.

Located in Beaufort, the USS North Carolina Battleship is a popular attraction in North Carolina. It is the most well-known battleship from World War II and is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, including Christmas Day. On weekends, you can also visit the museum, and guided tours are offered for varying interest levels.

Visiting North Carolina's Most Iconic Attractions - If you're a history buff, there are plenty of things to do in North Carolina. For example, you could spend a day at Biltmore Estate or take in a holiday event at the USS North Carolina Battleship. You could also visit the North Carolina Zoo or explore the Great Smoky Mountains. All of these things are great options for family vacations.