8 Must-Visit: Charming Small Towns in Vermont

8 Must-Visit: Charming Small Towns in VermontVERMONT - Vermont, with its picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and warm hospitality, is a haven for travelers seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. While the state is dotted with charming towns, some stand out for their unique character, attractions, and natural beauty, making them popular destinations for visitors from near and far.

Looking for fun things to do in Vermont? Discover a world of adventure, from scenic hikes and ski slopes to craft breweries and quirky museums. Explore charming villages, indulge in delicious local food, and experience the unique culture of the Green Mountain State.
8 Must-Visit: Charming Small Towns in Vermont

Vermont's Charming Small Towns: Must-Visit Destinations for Unforgettable Getaways


This quintessential New England village exudes charm with its covered bridges, historic architecture, and picturesque village green. Woodstock offers a variety of activities, from hiking and biking to exploring local shops and galleries. The town is especially enchanting during the fall foliage season when the surrounding hillsides are ablaze with color.


Nestled in the Green Mountains, Stowe is a popular year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts. In the winter, it transforms into a bustling ski resort; in the summer, it offers hiking, biking, and golfing opportunities. The town also boasts a vibrant arts scene, with galleries, museums, and performance venues showcasing local talent.


This upscale town in southern Vermont is known for its designer outlet stores, art galleries, and historic inns. Manchester offers a blend of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and luxurious accommodations, making it a popular destination for couples and families.


Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is Vermont's largest city, but it retains a small-town feel with its walkable downtown, vibrant arts scene, and stunning waterfront views. The city offers a variety of activities, from kayaking and sailing to exploring the Church Street Marketplace, a pedestrian-only zone filled with shops and restaurants.


Vermont's capital city is a charming small town with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene. Explore the Vermont State House, the oldest state capitol building in the United States, or visit the Vermont History Museum to learn about the state's unique heritage. Montpelier also boasts a thriving food scene, with numerous farm-to-table restaurants and craft breweries.


Home to Middlebury College, this college town is known for its intellectual atmosphere, historic architecture, and scenic setting. Explore the Middlebury College Museum of Art, hike to the top of Snake Mountain for stunning views, or visit the nearby Morgan Horse Farm to learn about this iconic breed.


This picturesque village in the Upper Valley region is known for its stunning Quechee Gorge, the deepest gorge in Vermont. Visitors can hike along the gorge's rim, go whitewater rafting on the Ottauquechee River, or visit the Simon Pearce glassblowing studio and restaurant.


This quintessential Vermont village boasts a picturesque village green, historic architecture, and charming shops and restaurants. Explore the Dorset Quarry, a former marble quarry turned swimming hole, or visit the Dorset Theatre Festival, one of the oldest professional summer theaters in the country.

Road Trip1These are just a few of the many charming small towns Vermont offers. Whether you're seeking outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, or a peaceful escape, Vermont's small towns will surely provide an unforgettable getaway.

Discover endless family fun in Vermont! Explore charming towns, hike scenic trails, visit quirky museums, and indulge in delicious local treats. Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones in the Green Mountain State.