6 Must-Try Vermont Scenic Drives To See Fall Foliage

6 Must-Try Vermont Scenic Drives To See Fall FoliageBurlington, VT – Vermont is home to some of the most breathtaking fall foliage in the country. Now, visitors can explore this beauty in a unique way with six gap roads that offer elevation gain and stunning views.

6 Must-Try Vermont Scenic Drives To See Fall Foliage

Gap roads are drives that go up or over the mountains of Vermont and provide an opportunity to experience the changing leaves in a unique way. Smugglers' Notch, Appalachian Gap, Lincoln Gap, Middlebury Gap, Brandon Gap, and Hazen's Notch are all great options for those looking to take in the scenery.

What Are Your Favorite Trails In The Fall Foliage Of Vermont?

Smugglers' Notch

The most famous highway in the state, Smugglers' Notch, which runs from Jeffersonville to Stowe through Mount Mansfield, is closed in the winter... autumn leaves are the final chance to explore this narrow, windy road (at the highest point). If coming towards the Jeffersonville side, stop by @thefarmstorevermont to grab an authentic local PSL!

Appalachian Gap (Route 17)

This route takes the way to Bristol through Waitsfield via the Green Mountains, this is one of my absolute favorite routes in the state due to its switchbacks, rapid elevation gain as well as the views from the highest point. Visit for a single-chair ride on @madriverglen close to the north of the gap located on the eastern part of Stark Mountain.

Lincoln Gap

The Lincoln Gap is accessible via Bristol, too, and takes you to Warren. Lincoln Gap: The Lincoln Gap is largely unpaved; however, it is well maintained and has inclines ranging from 20 percent. This is the highest elevation in Vermont, so you must have a strong brake system!

Middlebury Gap

The Middlebury Gap is located between Route 125 and East Middlebury across to Hancock, where you can take Route 100 and take the longest stretch of the state, either south or north, to see more breathtaking views. It is the only road in Vermont where I've observed moose along the road! Visit Ripton General Store. Ripton General Store and soak pleasure in the stunning Middlebury College's Bread Loaf campus.

Brandon Gap

The Brandon Gap, Route 73, connects to the town of Brandon through the Green Mountain National Forest, Goshen, and Rochester. It is a popular walking track (and skiing trails in the backcountry) on it.

Hazen's Notch

Found in Westfield, this road with a notch, Route 58, weaves through the high cliffs of Sugarloaf Mountain to the north and is bordered by Haystack Mountain to the south. It is home to Hazen's Notch Natural Area, which covers 273 acres, and an ideal Peregrine falcon nesting area.

Vermont has something for everyone during fall foliage season, and gap roads offer a unique experience that can't be found anywhere else.