The Perfect Fall Photoshoot Tips and Tricks

East Coast USA - November is finally here, and that means Fall is at its peak! Before the Holiday season starts and brings the bare trees and cold months with it, make the most out of the fleeting, brilliant Fall colors while they’re still here!

The Perfect Fall Photoshoot Tips and Tricks

Mixbook shares their tips for a photo shoot that will capture the rich Fall foliage before it’s gone!

Choosing the Best Location

It’s not hard to find a beautiful spot for photos in the Fall, so take advantage of your town and find the best location for your vision! Whether you’d prefer pictures in the forest with leaves covering the floor or on a walk through the streets of a town with a coffee cup in hand, map out beforehand what you want from your photoshoot and find the scenery to match.

Finding The Golden Hour

As the days get shorter and shorter, it’s essential to find the sweet spot where the sun is as golden as the trees! Start taking pictures an hour or so before the sun starts to set, and you can get a variety of different lighting all in just one session.

Choosing The Perfect Colors

Time to pull out the chunky sweater and boots! Picking the perfect fall outfit is easy and effortless. Wear colors that will compliment the Fall scenery but not let you blend into the background. An off-white colored sweater and jeans are a classic fall look that never goes out of style and will make you pop! Or spice it up this season with your favorite colorful Fall look before you put it away for next year!

Finding The Pose

Whether you’re with your significant other, family, friends, your pet, or if it’s just you and your photographer, Fall photoshoots are quintessential portraits -- so have fun with it! It won’t be hard to find objects like trees, lamps, pumpkins, or leaves around to pose with, and, yes, throwing leaves into the air is cliche, but what fall photoshoot would be complete without it? If anything, it puts the most authentic smile on your face (and your dog will want to play too)!