8 Must-Visit Cider Mills in Connecticut

8 Family-friendly Cider Mills in ConnecticutCONNECTICUT - Discover the ultimate fall experience with this curated selection of 8 family-friendly cider mills in Connecticut.  From the enchanting coastal town of Mystic to the bustling city of Middletown, these destinations offer the best of the season in the Constitution State. Indulge in the delectable flavors of handcrafted ciders, wines, and cider donuts as you embark on a journey through Connecticut's cider mill scene.

8 Family-friendly Cider Mills in Connecticut

Here's A Few Places In Connecticut To Pick Up A Gallon Of Farm Grown, Local Cider

1. B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill

B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill in Mystic exudes a timeless charm, transporting visitors back in time as they immerse themselves in the rich history and extraordinary flavors developed over generations. Established in 1881, Clyde's Cider Mill is the oldest steam-powered cider mill in the United States, making it a must-visit for any cider enthusiast. Enjoy a guided mill tour and watch in awe as the antique machinery transforms fresh apples into delicious cider.

2. Beardsley's Cider Mill & Orchard

If you're looking for a cider mill that promises fresh and flavorful cider, look no further than Beardsley's Cider Mill & Orchard in Shelton. With a commitment to using only the finest apples and maintaining strict cleanliness standards, Beardsley's Cider Mill delivers a second-to-none cider. Stroll through the orchard, pick your apples, and head to the mill to witness the cider-making process.

3. New England Cider Company

For those seeking a more natural and authentic cider experience, New England Cider Company in Wallingford is the ideal destination. This family-owned micro-cidery crafts natural fruit ciders and cocktails without any added sugar. Savor their ciders' pure and nuanced flavors, brewed using traditional techniques and innovative methods. New England Cider Company also offers an impressive selection of local beers for those who prefer a different type of brew.

4. Yankee Cider Company

If you're searching for a traditional New England cider, Yankee Cider Company in East Haddam is the place to be. They pride themselves on crafting New England-style hard ciders using locally grown apples, ensuring that each sip is full of authentic flavor. Sample their cider range and find your favorite crisp and refreshing options.

5. Bishop's Orchards Farm Market & Winery

Bishop's Orchards Farm Market & Winery in Guilford is the perfect spot to taste pure apple goodness. This family-owned market and winery offers an opportunity to savor pure apple juice in its most authentic form, with no additives. Walk through the apple orchards, pick your apples, and then head to the market to stock up on apple products, including apple cider, apple butter, and apple pies.

6. The Old Cider Mill

The Old Cider Mill in Glastonbury is a beloved local institution and a hidden gem for cider lovers. Established in 1881, this historic mill offers freshly pressed, non-pasteurized cider made with apples from the local South Glastonbury orchards. The result is a cider that bursts with the region's flavors, evoking a sense of nostalgia with every sip.

7. Hogan's Cider Mill

Hogan's Cider Mill in Burlington is another family-run business that takes pride in their authentic cider-making process. Hogan's Cider Mill produces full-bodied cider with flavor using only the finest apples and a careful blend of traditional and modern methods. Please stop by their charming mill and taste the fruits of their labor, enjoying the warmth and hospitality that only a family-run business can provide.

8. Lastly, Spoke + Spy Ciderworks

Lastly, Spoke + Spy Ciderworks in Middletown invites visitors to embark on a cider-tasting journey. With a focus on using local and international ingredients, Spoke + Spy Ciderworks creates exceptional flavors that delight even the most discerning palates. Sample a flight of ciders, ranging from classic dry ciders to more unique and experimental flavors. Let your taste buds be transported to new and exciting realms of cider appreciation.

Experience fall magic at these excellent cider mills in Connecticut, where delectable flavors and warm hospitality await. Whether you're craving a traditional New England cider or looking to explore innovative flavors, these cider mills offer a little something for everyone. So put on your cozy sweater, grab a warm cup of cider, and let the enchanting world of Connecticut's cider mills envelop you in the season's magic.