Which State Is Bangor In?

MAINE - Located in central Maine, Bangor is a cultural center for the region. It has a diversified economy based on services, retail, and healthcare. The city is also a center for education, with Beal College offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Which State Is Bangor In?


Bangor, Maine - A Cultural Center For the Region

The city has a strong relationship with the University of Maine System.  The university is based in Orono and enrolls over 3,500 students each year. There are also graduate programs in nursing and business at Beal College.

Bangor has a rich history as a regional hub. In the 19th century, Maine's forests fueled unprecedented wealth in the area. The state's vast forests provided lumber, naval stores, and other products. These products were shipped to many ports around the world.

The first known residents of Bangor were Penobscot Native Americans. They lived near the Penobscot River, now the city's main artery. European contact began in the early 1500s. Bangor became the site of a Jesuit mission in 1609.

In 1769, Jacob Buswell established a settlement near Bangor. This settlement later changed its name to Sunbury. In 1791, the city petitioned the Massachusetts government to incorporate. The city became the third largest settlement in the state.

Bangor became a large lumber port in the mid-1800s. During the Civil War, the Confederate Navy captured several Bangor ships. Bangor was also a port of entry on the Great Circle Air Route. It was one of the busiest ports on the East Coast.