4 Best Lobster Rolls in Maryland

Maryland Lobster RollsMARYLAND - A few options are worth considering when looking for the best lobster rolls in Maryland.  These places are Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls in Annapolis, Luke's Lobster in Bethesda, and Thames Street Oyster House in Baltimore. You can also try a lobster roll at National Harbor in Baltimore.

The Best Lobster Rolls in Maryland
Photo: Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls in Annapolis

Where To Find The Best Lobster Rolls in Maryland

1. Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls in Annapolis

If you're visiting Annapolis, stop by Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls, where you'll find a delicious lobster roll sandwich.  The menu at the restaurant also includes salads and soups. The Lobster Roll Sandwich Café is another excellent option for enjoying a great lobster roll. Mason's is known for its authentic New England-style lobster rolls. They're available in more than a dozen locations around the country. The menu includes classic lobster rolls with mayo, Connecticut lobster rolls, and lobster salad rolls. You can also order a lobster salad, shrimp salad, and clam chowder.

2. Thames Street Oyster House in Baltimore

Thames Street Oyster House is one of Baltimore's best places to eat seafood in the historic Fells Point neighborhood.  The menu offers classics such as oysters, fish and chips, and lobster rolls. The atmosphere is casual but upscale, and you'll feel at home dining here. The lobster rolls here are among the best anywhere in Maryland. The roll is topped with claw, tail, and knuckle meat and is served on a white bun. Each bite is a little bit of heaven. It also includes mayo, butter, and a vinegar cucumber salad.

3. Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls in National Harbor

If you love Maine lobster rolls, this restaurant in National Harbor is the place to go for an authentic meal.  The restaurant serves classic New England fare and offers many preparations for its signature lobster roll. The food is prepared fresh daily; you can enjoy it on the water or order it online and have it delivered to your home. If you're planning to visit National Harbor, then make sure to stop by Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls. The menu features several delicious lobster rolls and other seafood and sandwiches. The restaurant has plenty of seating, and it's also possible to order takeout or delivery.

4. Nick's Fish House in Baltimore

In the heart of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Nick's Fish House is a waterfront dining spot offering seafood from the Baltimore area and beyond.  The casual dining atmosphere includes both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu features everything from steamed crabs to fresh sushi to grilled chicken sandwiches. In addition to its delicious seafood selection, Nick's offers free parking and docking for boaters. The cozy patio beneath the Hanover Street bridge overlooks a stretch of the Patapsco River. While the location isn't the most convenient, the food and drink menu is worth the trip. The expansive happy hour menu offers beers by the bucket and four types of crushes. In addition to lobster rolls, the restaurant also offers a huge happy hour menu.