10 Best Places for French Fries in Maryland!

Maryland's Top 10 French Fries DelightsMARYLAND - French fries, the universal symbol of crispness, saltiness, and deliciousness, come in many forms. In Maryland, the fry scene is as diverse as its landscape, offering something for every taste bud. So, grab your appetite and prepare for a fry-tastic journey across the state!

Maryland's Top 10 French Fries Delights
Maryland's Top 10 French Fries

Maryland's Top 10 French Fries Delights

1. Thrasher's French Fries (Ocean City)

No Maryland fry pilgrimage is complete without a stop at Thrasher's on the Ocean City boardwalk. Hand-cut and cooked in hot peanut oil, these legendary fries boast a perfect balance of fluffy inside and crispy exterior.

2. Greek on the Street (Baltimore area)

This popular food truck elevates fries to a new level with its Greek Fries. Crispy shoestring fries are tossed with tangy lemon juice, crumbled feta cheese, and fresh parsley, creating a refreshingly flavorful and unique experience.

3. The Local Fry (Baltimore)

This eclectic joint offers a global twist on fries. Their menu features a variety of international flavors, like the "Korean BBQ" with bulgogi beef, kimchi, and gochujang mayo, or the "Poutine" with cheese curds and gravy.

4. Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries (Multiple Locations)

Offering classic boardwalk vibes, Boardwalk Fresh serves up hand-cut fries that are golden brown and perfectly seasoned. They also have unique flavor options like garlic parmesan, chili ranch, and Old Bay.

5. Doner Bistro (Frederick)

This Mediterranean restaurant puts a delightful spin on fries with their "Lahmacun Fries." Thinly sliced dough, like pita bread, is fried to crispy perfection and served with various dipping sauces, like garlic yogurt and spicy tomato.

6. Salt: A New American Tavern (Baltimore)

Indulge in pure decadence with Salt's "Duck Fat Fries." These thick-cut beauties are fried in rich duck fat, resulting in an incredibly flavorful and satisfying fry experience.

7. Annabel Lee Tavern (Baltimore)

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, this tavern offers a unique take on fries with their "Thin and Crispy Duck Fat Fries." These fries are tossed in herbs de Provence, creating a delightful combination of crispy texture and aromatic herbs.

8. Mr. Fries Man (Multiple Locations)

This local chain offers a classic fast-food experience with hand-cut fries. Choose from various sizes and seasonings, including their signature "Cajun Fries" with a spicy kick.

9. Poplar (Baltimore)

This popular waterfront restaurant offers multiple fry options, including hand-cut varieties with different flavorings like Old Bay, BBQ dry rub, or garlic and herbs.

10.The Waterfront Hotel (Baltimore)

For a taste of history, head to The Waterfront Hotel, a landmark establishment since 1771. They offer classic hand-cut fries served with their signature spicy aioli, perfect for dipping and indulging.

This list is just a starting point for your Maryland fry exploration. With so many delicious options, you will indeed find your spectacular favorite!