11 Best Breakfast Spots in Seattle

Food Travel LogoWASHINGTON STATE - Seattle, renowned for its coffee culture, boasts a vibrant breakfast scene that'll fuel your day with delicious eats. From fluffy pancakes to savory benedicts, here are 11 spots to kickstart your mornings in the Emerald City.

11 Best Breakfast Spots in Seattle
11 Best Breakfast Spots in Seattle

A Delicious Start to Your Day

    1. Glo's: A Capitol Hill favorite, Glo's serves diner classics with a gourmet twist. Their hearty portions and creative takes on breakfast favorites like eggs benedict and pancakes have earned them a devoted following.
    2. Portage Bay Cafe (South Lake Union): Renowned for its build-your-own breakfast bar laden with fresh fruits, granola, and whipped cream, Portage Bay offers a customizable breakfast experience. Indulge in their signature Seattle Benedict or other savory options for a satisfying start to your day.
    3. Cafe Opla: This casual coffeehouse is a haven for early risers seeking a quick and delicious breakfast. Their menu features pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and hearty bowls, all crafted with fresh ingredients and locally roasted coffee.
    4. Portage Bay Cafe (Roosevelt): Another location of the famous Portage Bay Cafe, this Roosevelt outpost offers the same delectable breakfast spread, focusing on fresh, local ingredients and innovative dishes.
    5. Geraldine's Counter Restaurant: This Columbia City institution is a must-visit for breakfast enthusiasts. Their menu features Southern-inspired comfort food, including their famous biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles, and shrimp and grits.
    6. The Fat Hen: Located in Ballard, The Fat Hen is a charming brunch spot known for its cozy atmosphere and farm-to-table cuisine. Their menu features seasonal ingredients, house-made pastries, and creative breakfast dishes that delight your palate.
    7. Morsel: This Fremont gem is a haven for biscuit lovers. Their fluffy, buttery biscuits are the show's star, served in various savory and sweet combinations. Don't miss their classic biscuit sandwich with egg, cheese, and your choice of meat.
    8. Biscuit Bitch Pike Place: This iconic Pike Place Market eatery is a Seattle institution serving up no-nonsense biscuit sandwiches with a side of sassy humor. Their hearty biscuits, piled high with eggs, cheese, and gravy, are a local favorite.
    9. Luna Park Cafe: This West Seattle diner is a nostalgic throwback to simpler times. Their extensive menu features classic breakfast and lunch fare, from fluffy pancakes to juicy burgers. Be sure to try their "Jackie's Favorite" sandwich, a local legend.
    10. Beth's Cafe: Known for its gargantuan portions and 24-hour service, Beth's Cafe is a Seattle landmark. Its 12-egg omelets and towering stacks of pancakes challenge even the hungriest diners.
    11. The Crumpet Shop: Located in Pike Place Market, The Crumpet Shop offers a unique breakfast experience. Their freshly baked crumpets, served with various sweet and savory toppings, are a delicious and satisfying way to start your day.

Seattle's breakfast scene is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Whether you're craving classic diner fare, farm-to-table creations, or international flavors, these 11 spots will satisfy your morning cravings and set you up for a day of exploration in the Emerald City.