Visiting The Texas Chainsaw Massacre House in Granger, TX

 Antlers Hotel and Resort in GrangerTEXAS - Located on the grounds of the Antlers Hotel and Resort in Granger, Texas, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House attracts hundreds of fans yearly. For years, the house has served as a popular movie set for a portion of the film series, but it now also serves as a restaurant.

Photo: Texas Chainsaw Massacre House in Granger, TX

 Antlers Hotel and Resort in Granger

The house was built in the early 1900s. It has a Queen Anne-style structure. It has six bedrooms and a dining room. It also has a bar and a breakfast and lunch restaurant. The restaurant does not take reservations.

The house originally belonged to the family of Leonard Frisk. He built it for his son, Tony. It was overgrown with trees and plants but was eventually moved to its current location. In the movie, Leatherface's family hung human victims on meat hooks.

The Antlers Hotel and Resort bought the house in 1998. The house has since been restored and is now a restaurant. The sign at the front of the house reads "Rest in Peace" and "No Trespassing." The house has security cameras. It is not a safe place to go, however.

The house has attracted people worldwide, including in Sweden, France, and Italy. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. The home also hosts horror movie sleepovers, including board games and barbecue dinners. Guests must be 21 or older to attend. The sleepovers include "horror" games and video games.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was initially filmed in Round Rock, Texas. In the movie, Leatherface first appears in the doorway. Later, the evil villain lurks in a quaint cottage in Round Rock.