7 Tips For Exploring the Pike Place Market in Seattle

Seattle, WA - Seattle's century-old market is a bustling mix of produce stands, artisanal shops, crafts markets, and street food vendors. It attracts over 10 million visitors annually to this vibrant space, where people come to buy fresh seafood, browse floral arrangements, or view the Elliott Bay waterfront. Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's most beloved attractions and may seem dauntingly large for first-timers. But there are ways to make navigating and enjoying this iconic attraction easier.

7 Tips For Exploring the Pike Place Market in Seattle

1. Take a food tour of the market with an experienced local guide and expert.

Food tours offer visitors a unique way to explore the market without dealing with all the crowds, plus they're also an enjoyable way to learn some history along the way.

2. Decide which shops to visit and then plan your route accordingly.

Though the market is bustling, you could get easily overwhelmed if you have not planned your trip carefully. To prevent this from occurring, select some shops and eateries you would like to visit before arriving in Seattle.

3. Don your camera to capture the sights and sounds of Pike Place Market during the daytime.

While plenty of people may be walking around during business hours, if you look beyond the hustle-bustle, you will find plenty of beautiful things at this bustling marketplace. From wader-clad fishmongers slinging salmon to street buskers performing for passing shoppers, there is always something happening at this bustling hub of activity.

4. Don't forget to give Rachel the Pig a coin and take a picture with her!

Rachel is an enormous bronze pig outside Pike Place Market's entrance. According to legend, rubbing her nose and giving her some coins will bring good luck.

5. Cheese lovers must not miss the Pike Place Market Creamery and Sunny Honey Company.

Cheese lovers will delight at Pike Place Market Creamery, home to some of Seattle's finest camembert and blue cheese. Additionally, Sunny Honey Company produces some delectable honey that's hard to beat in the city.

6. Don't miss the original Starbucks coffee shop at Pike Place Market if you're a caffeine enthusiast!

For coffee connoisseurs, Pike Place Market has something for everyone. From the first Starbucks coffee shop in history to more than 40 other Seattle-based establishments, you will find your ideal cup of joe here.

7. If you love nature, check out the secret garden at the market.

Volunteers manage this garden; all produce is donated to a local food bank. Although surrounded by bustling Pike Place Market, it remains serene even on the busiest days.