What Makes Texas Beaches So Popular?

 Texas BeachesTEXAS - Unless you live in Dallas, Little Rock, or Tulsa, Oklahoma, the first place that comes to mind when you think of beach vacation is probably not Texas. But it should be. The state's 367 miles of warm water, seaside cantinas, and quirky beach towns are unlike any you'll encounter on the Eastern and Western seaboard.

What Makes Texas Beaches So Popular?

Why are Texas Beaches So Popular?

The best part about a trip to the Texas Gulf Coast is that it's easy to get there from almost anywhere in the state. You can drive from major cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio in just a few hours. And the beaches are open 365 days a year.

Another thing that makes Texas beaches so different is that the waters are much cleaner than Florida's. Jellyfish are far less of a problem, and there are fewer shark attacks.

The Lone Star State boasts a wide variety of beachside destinations that are both rural and energized, from the quiet beauty of Crystal Beach in Freeport to the adrenaline rush of Galveston Island. In between, small stretches of clean, tan sand are perfect for picnicking and playing volleyball. Some even allow you to set up camp and light a bonfire on the sand in the dark, which is an experience unlike any other. And plenty of great seafood places are nearby to make the most of your beachside dining. Then you can finish the day with a cold beer at one of the many local breweries all over town.