Discover 16 Places To Visit In Kansas

Discover 16 Places To Visit In KansasKANSAS - The Kansas Tourism Division of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism has released a list of 21 Kansas places to visit. The 21 places in Kansas include events, agritourism, outdoor adventure, and breathtaking scenery.

Discover 16 Places To Visit In Kansas

Discover and Explore The State of Kansas

1. Historic Sites

Kansas has 16 historic sites the state owns and 27 national historic landmarks. Discover the fascinating history of Kansas. From Bleeding Kansas to Native American history and frontier forts, you can explore it all.

2. Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area

The largest wetland in the interior U.S. This complex of marshy areas in a lowland area of 41,000 acres contains the most extensive system in Kansas of wetlands, as well as the richest wetland-feeding grounds in the Central Flyway. Many species depend on it for their survival. Cheyenne Bottoms is home to 320 different bird species.

3. Wine Trail

Kansas and Missouri were one of the most essential grape-growing regions in America before prohibition. Kansas' fertile soil is ideal for growing certain grape varieties. Kansas' landscape is dotted with a growing number of local wineries - some nationally- and internationally recognized.

4. Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Tanganyika in Goddard is the only U.S. park with ten interactive encounters that allow you to feed, touch and ride rare animal species. Choose from over 15 unique experiences; all handcrafted by Tanganyika Keepers. These will help you connect with our country's rarest and most endangered animals.

5. State Parks

Kansas has 28 state parks. Some of them are surrounded by boulders the size of buses and steep slopes covered in trees. Some are surrounded by prairie grasses, wildflowers and 10-mile horizons. Hiking is available in hundreds of miles, with views and terrain that will leave you breathless.

6. Eisenhower Presidential Museum

Experience Ike and Mamie’s story, newly renovated with new exhibits. The new 25,000-square-foot Abilene museum boasts interactive exhibits and technological innovations that will engage audiences of any age and learning style.

7. Nicodemus

The oldest black settlement west of the Mississippi River. The Visitor's Center is great for learning about Nicodemus' history. You can also tour the historic buildings, representing the five pillars of the African American Community: Church, Self-Government, Education, Home, and Business.

8. Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area is forever inscribed with extraordinary events. The nation's attention was drawn to the Missouri-Kansas Border in the 19th century, where different definitions of freedom collided and sparked a Civil War. The Lawrence heritage area focuses on three themes: Shaping the Frontier, Kansas/Missouri Border War, and the Enduring Battle for Freedom.

9. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

A vast area of almost 11,000 acres, with beautiful views, wildflowers in season, wildlife, bison, and solitude. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve is the only unit of the National Park Service dedicated to preserving a rare remnant tallgrass prairie. The preserve is near Strong City and has over 40 miles of hiking trails.

10. Emma Chase Friday Nights

Cottonwood Falls hosts live music every Friday. Dance downtown under the stars with the historic Chase County Courthouse in the background.

11. Field Station: Dinosaurs

This unique prehistoric adventure features more than 40 moving, life-sized dinosaurs. It is educational, exciting, and entertaining! The 10 acres of walking paths, 30 live shows, and games and activities are conveniently located in Derby.

12. Drive-in Theatres

Drive-in theaters are no longer a nostalgic pastime. Kanopolis is an excellent option for a family-friendly night out.

13. Rock Formations

Discover some of the Sunflower State’s most unique natural attractions – from the Niobrara Chalk Formations at Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park to Castle Rock, Monument Rocks and Rock City, as well as the Dakota Formations in Mushroom Rock State Park.

14. Brewery Tours

Want to taste hops? Kansas Breweries: Many Kansas breweries cater to those who want fresh flavors and unique experiences.

15. Kansas Byways

Nine scenic byways, including two National Scenic Byways. Three historic byways are also included. Geologic changes have shaped Kansas' landscape over the millennium to provide a beautiful backdrop for travelers. Discover the history of Kansas by following in the footsteps of adventurers and expedition teams. Visit museums, shops, local restaurants, and accommodations to create your byway experience.

16. Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes

The Fort Scott Museum highlights role models that demonstrate compassion, courage, and respect regardless of race or religion. Students discover, develop, and communicate stories of Unsung Heroes, who have had a profound, positive impact on history through the Center's unique, project-based approach. Students, educators, and communities can discover their power and responsibility by championing Unsung Heroes.

17 Kansas Agritourism Business

Experience the excitement of a Kansas cattle drive, or help harvest a Kansas farm. You will gain a greater understanding of the agricultural roots of Kansas and the hard work that goes into bringing food to your table.

18. Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas

Lucas is the folk-art lover’s paradise, home to some of Kansas' most whimsical attractions. Welcome to the World's Largest Souvenir Travel Plate. Traditional Post Rock limestone architecture adds a touch of elegance to local neighborhoods and businesses.

19. Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant

This special event is held every three years to commemorate the Great Peace Council of the United States Government and the Five Plains Tribes. Large-scale recreation occurs at a natural amphitheater near Medicine Lodge, in the beautiful Gyp Hills. This is the site where the original council took place. The show compresses 300 years of history into a two-hour entertainment and educational experience, celebrating the cultures of native peoples, explorers, discoverers, and settlers.