Coastal Themed Home Design | Ideas for 2023

EAST COAST - The beach offers a rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit that's hard to match. So when designing your next home, why not incorporate some of that seaside magic? Coastal-themed home design is ideal for achieving that peaceful feeling with strategic decor elements and natural materials.

Coastal Themed Home Design | Ideas for 2023

Coastal Themed Home Design

Whether your design style leans more toward modern, contemporary, or traditional, there are ways to incorporate 2023 trends into your coastal design plan. Start by adding simple accent pieces like throw pillows and curtains for subtle changes without redesigning the space completely.

For example, if you love the blue and white stripes but don't want to completely redecorate your living room or bedroom, try painting a light sand color for a subdued yet eye-catching coastal aesthetic. Add an eye-catching basketweave pendant light made out of bamboo or palm to the ceiling to complete this theme!

Another iconic coastal element is wallpaper. From high-rises in New York City to traditional Southern mansions, you can see it on the walls of many oceanside properties. This trend looks set to remain popular as time goes on.

Soft blues have become a go-to color for coastal designs. Their soothing nature pairs perfectly with crisp whites to create an inviting atmosphere, and you can also mix and match this hue with other hues like green or rust to bring out its charm!

Rope decor is a popular coastal style that exudes nautical charm and can easily be found. Place a rope over a console table or gently lay a thick rope over a mirror for an added touch of coastal charm.

Floating wooden canoes and other boat-related items are an affordable and simple way to bring that beachy feel into your coastal home. These decorations make a great addition to any room in the house!

A coastal home should truly reflect its owner's style and lifestyle. Therefore, selecting comfortable yet hardwearing furnishings are essential when spending most of your time there. Opt for fabrics that won't fade or stain easily.

Additionally, it's best to avoid carpets or rugs that require extensive cleaning. Wood floors are easy to maintain and withstand the rigors of a beach lifestyle.

If your home often experiences heavy rainfall, waterproof and stain-resistant carpet or rugs might be worth considering. They're especially ideal for areas with much foot traffic, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Rattan chairs are ideal for bringing the beach house feel while creating a modern aesthetic. You could also opt for an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, which helps keep the space organized and functional.