Moonlite Bar-B-Q-Inn Owensboro Was Named Best in Kentucky

KENTUCKY - Zippia chose Moonlite Bar-B-Q-Inn Owensboro as the best in Kentucky. Their legendary buffet is an absolute must for barbecue fans, while this family-run establishment also provides award-winning carry-out and catering.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q-Inn Owensboro Was Named Best in Kentucky

What Sets Moonlite Apart

One reason Moonlite earned a place on our list is its diverse options - specifically mutton which can't be found elsewhere in Kentucky. Mutton is cooked over hickory coals, then mounded with their signature vinegar dip to break down fibrous sinews and add flavor. The meat can then be served alongside steamed greens and sweet potato casserole for an ultimate dining experience.

The menu includes traditional barbecue items like chicken, beef brisket, ribs, and non-barbecued country ham slices in a pan. Since 1963, when Catherine Bosley purchased it with her husband Pappy, this restaurant has been operated and managed by Catherine's family - becoming a trendy spot among visitors from around the globe.

This place is remarkable because it remains a family business run by the Bosley children and grandchildren today. Even amid today's chain restaurants, this barbecue joint has remained true to its roots while serving customers well.