Valeda the Talking Transparent Woman in Halstead Kansas

KANSAS - One of the most exciting and unusual exhibits at the Kansas Learning Center for Health in Halstead, Kansas, is Valeda the Talking Transparent Woman. Founded by the Hertzler Research Foundation in 1965, the Center features health exhibits, classrooms, and a 68-seat theater.

Valeda the Talking Transparent Woman in Halstead Kansas

Kansas Learning Center for Health in Halstead

It focuses on health education programs for students but offers programs aimed at an adult audience as well. The Center's "On the Road" presentations for kindergarten through college students meet state science, health, and counselor standards.

The Center for Healthy Living features a variety of exhibits about the human body and nutrition. One exhibit features Valeda, a life-size transparent woman with plastic bones, organs, and wiring representing the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Visitors can interact with the exhibits and hear Valeda's voice explaining the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

A health education program accompanies the presentation. It highlights the importance of healthy lifestyles for young girls and women. Students learn about how to keep their bodies healthy, how to prevent illnesses, and what to do if they experience painful symptoms. It also teaches them about the male and female reproductive systems.

The center also offers health education programs for young people, such as nutrition education, drug education, and puberty education. For years, schools in Wichita and nearby communities have visited the center as part of field trips for health education programs. The center has educated more than 13,000 students. This year, Wesley's $23,000 donation will cover admission for every fifth-grade class at the center.