Truckhenge in Topeka Kansas

KANSAS - Truckhenge is a unique roadside attraction comprised of six antique trucks partially buried in the ground, surrounded by various recycled art.  Created by Ron Lessman in 2000 as a protest against county officials who were cleaning up his land, this site is not exactly a replica of Stonehenge. Still, it does contain several elements of the British monument.

Photo: Truckhenge in Topeka Kansas

Truckhenge Is A Unique Kansas Roadside Attraction

The site is accessible by one single door that connects the structures. The site has been used as a boerenland for generations, but it was turned into an overcoming site in 1990. A team of local artists and businesses joined forces to create this unique piece of art.

Truckhenge has been recognized by the Shawnee County Preservation Association and Kaw Region Art Park, which recognize the quirky structures. This place is a unique destination for visitors to learn more about the area's culture. It is one of the few places in the U.S. with a starry sky. It is located near Topeka, KS.

Visitors to the site can take a photo of themselves next to the rotted stone circles. There are replicas of Stonehenge in the High Plains region. The site also has a visitor center that's been operating since 2006.