Strataca Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson Kansas

KANSAS - Strataca is a salt mine museum located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Previously called the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, this museum is built inside one of the world's largest rock salt deposits, which formed 275 million years ago. Visitors are allowed to explore 650 feet below the surface of the Earth.

Strataca Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson Kansas
Photo: Strataca Underground Salt Museum

Strataca Is A Salt Mine Museum

The museum is open six days a week. Mondays are closed, and Tuesdays through Saturdays are open from 9 AM to 5 PM. On Sundays, the museum closes at 3 PM. There is no admission fee, and children are welcome. The museum is open to the public, and no age restrictions are set.

The museum also includes exhibits about the mining process. Visitors can learn about the history of salt mining through the artifacts in the museum. During the mine's history, mining salt began in the early 1920s. Modern-day salt mining methods have improved, and the museum exhibits detail these advances. Nowadays, salt from the mine is used as road salt and mineral licks. The salt inside the mine has a temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps keep it sterile.

A trip to the Strataca Salt Museum is a unique experience. It is located 650 feet underground and provides a unique opportunity to explore the world's largest rock salt deposits. Visitors can experience a 30-minute guided tour or take a 15-minute miniature train ride inside the salt caves. There is also a 1-hour underground tram tour limited to 12 people.