Visiting the World's Largest Boot in Red Wing MN

MINNESOTA - Visiting, the World's Largest Boot in Red Wing, MN, is a fun experience for the whole family.  It's located inside the Red Wing Shoe Store & Museum. The boot is 20 feet long and weighs more than a ton. The Red Wing Shoe Company built it to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Visiting the World's Largest Boot in Red Wing MN
Photo: World's Largest Boot in Red Wing


Guests can visit the museum to learn about the history of the Red Wing Shoe Company, which manufactures over one million pairs of boots annually.  The museum also includes hands-on exhibits. There's a Norman Rockwell art gallery and a virtual tour of the factory.

Visitors can see the world's giant boot, a scaled-up model of the classic Red Wing Shoe Company style number 877. This boot is 20 feet long, weighs more than a ton, and is pulled by a truck. The boot is made of 80 cowhides. It also has 80 pounds of brass eyelets.

The boot was created by 60 current and former employees. This is a beautiful tribute to the craftsmanship of shoemaking craftsmen over the years. The Big Boot is a great roadside attraction. Visitors can walk through it and touch the metal eyelets. It also has a lovely gift shop. It makes appearances at special events and parades. You can even smell the leather.

Red Wing, Minnesota, is located on the Mississippi River. It's an unforgettable vacation destination. It's known for its beautiful fall colors, its historic sites, and its abundance of outdoor activities. The city is also known for its clay industry.