The Dalton Death Sidewalk in Coffeyville Kansas

KANSAS - The Dalton Gang's failed bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas, has become a famous Old West Legend.  Newspaper reports document the events surrounding the robbery. The two surviving members of the gang were shot to death on October 5, 1892. Dalton was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the robbery.

The Dalton Death Sidewalk in Coffeyville Kansas

The Dalton Gang's Failed Bank Robbery In Coffeyville


The gang members were disguised with false beards and wigs.  However, the townspeople soon recognized the men as members of the Dalton Gang, and the townspeople armed themselves.

The story of the Dalton shooting has been told in many different versions of history, but the main event is the same. The shootout occurred on the town's main street on October 5, 1892. The town of Coffeyville, Kansas, is just two miles north of the Oklahoma border and is about sixty miles due west of Joplin, Missouri. Today, the town attracts tourists from around the world. Emmett Dalton starred in a movie version of the story.

The Dalton family originally came from Kentucky. In the late 1840s, the Dalton family settled in Coffeyville. They stayed in Coffeyville until 1889. However, Lewis Dalton died in Dearing in 1890. His family then moved to Oklahoma. Some family members went into law enforcement and became deputy United States marshals in the Indian Territory. Other family members became police officers and served as chiefs of police in the Osage Nation.