13 of The Best BBQ Joints in Kansas

13 of The Best BBQ Joints in KansasKANSAS STATE - Kansas, particularly Kansas City, is renowned for its rich barbecue tradition.  The state offers a unique and flavorful experience for barbecue enthusiasts, from slow-smoked meats to tangy sauces. This guide delves into some of the must-try spots across different regions of Kansas, catering to various taste preferences and budgets.

13 of The Best BBQ Joints in Kansas
Exploring the State's Best BBQ Joints

A Delicious Journey Through Kansas: Exploring the State's Best BBQ Joints

Kansas City: A Barbecue Mecca

Kansas City, often dubbed the "Barbecue Capital of the World," boasts many exceptional barbecue restaurants. Here are a few highly-rated options:

  • Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Multiple Locations): This iconic establishment is a legend, famous for its melt-in-your-mouth brisket and signature Z-Man sandwich.
  • Slap's BBQ: This counter-serve spot offers a down-home atmosphere and delicious pulled pork sandwiches, burnt ends, and ribs.
  • Q39 (Multiple Locations): Renowned for its innovative take on classic barbecue, Q39 features unique dishes like burnt end chili and smoked brisket tacos.
  • Jack Stack Barbecue (Multiple Locations): A Kansas City staple, Jack Stack offers a wide selection of smoked meats, classic sides, and award-winning barbecue sauce.
  • Danny Edwards BLVD BBQ: This spot serves competition-style barbecue, known for its flavorful ribs and juicy brisket.

Beyond Kansas City: Exploring Kansas' Diverse BBQ Scene

While Kansas City reigns supreme, other regions offer hidden gems waiting to be discovered:

  • Shawnee:

    • Shawnee's Bates City BBQ: This family-owned restaurant is known for its fall-off-the-bone ribs and friendly service.
    • Blind Box BBQ: This hip spot combines delicious barbecue with a wide selection of whiskeys and a unique brunch menu.
    • Hayward's Pit Bar B Que & Catering: This hidden gem offers traditional barbecue favorites like smoked sausage and delectable ribs.
  • Overland Park:

    • Brobeck's BBQ: This joint offers dry-rubbed meats, showcasing the natural flavors of the smoked meats.
    • Q39 South: This branch of the popular Q39 chain maintains the same high standards, offering innovative and flavorful barbecue options.
  • Salina:

    • Hickory Hut BBQ: This local favorite boasts a loyal following for its delicious barbecue and friendly atmosphere.
  • Olathe:

    • Johnny's BBQ Restaurant & Catering: This old-school spot offers classic wood-smoked meats, perfect for those seeking a traditional barbecue experience.
  • Hutchinson:

    • Roy's Hickory Pit BBQ: This cozy smokehouse is known for its flavorful ribs, sausage, and other barbecue staples.
  • Williamsburg:

    • Guy & Mae's Tavern: This hidden gem offers delicious barbecue in a casual tavern setting.

Kansas offers a diverse and delicious barbecue scene catering to various preferences and budgets. From the legendary establishments in Kansas City to the hidden gems scattered across the state, there's something for every barbecue lover in Kansas. So grab your appetite and embark on a flavorful journey through the state's finest barbecue offerings. Remember, this list merely scratches the surface, and countless other fantastic barbecue spots await exploration in Kansas.