8 Best Burgers in Texas: A Burger Bonanza

8 Best Burgers in Texas: A Burger BonanzaTEXAS - Texas, the land of wide-open spaces and big flavors, boasts a burger scene just as diverse and delicious as its landscape. Whether you're craving a classic patty melt or a gourmet creation piled high with unique toppings, the Lone Star State has something to satisfy your burger cravings.

8 Best Burgers in Texas: A Burger Bonanza
Texas: A Burger Bonanza

Texas: A Burger Bonanza

1. Tookie's Burgers (Kemah)

This iconic waterfront joint, established in 1975, has earned its fame through mouthwatering burgers and a welcoming atmosphere. Their signature creations, like the "Squealer" with bacon and cheese, have garnered national recognition and awards, making them a must-try for any burger enthusiast.

2. The Hay Merchant (Houston)

This gastropub offers a sophisticated take on the burger experience. Their menu changes seasonally, featuring innovative concoctions alongside classics like the "Cease and Desist," a legacy recipe from the owner's previous restaurant. The extensive beer garden and vibrant atmosphere make The Hay Merchant a perfect spot for a memorable dining experience.

3. Dugg Burger (Dallas)

This popular chain provides a casual and convenient option for satisfying your burger fix. They offer a variety of toppings, organic meat options, and even deliver straight to your door. Their "Dugg Dozen" toppings allow for endless customization, while their commitment to fresh ingredients ensures a consistently delicious burger.

4. Chris Madrid's (San Antonio)

For over four decades, this family-owned establishment has been a San Antonio staple. Their "Cheddar Cheezy" burgers are legendary, but their menu also features innovative creations like the tostada burger, served on a crispy tortilla base with refried beans and chips.

5. Tejas Burger Joint (Tomball)

This newcomer to the scene promises a taste of Texas tradition. Their signature "Smokehouse Burger" features a half-pound Angus beef patty infused with smoky flavors, while sides like house-made chips and pico de gallo complete the experience.

6. Wallbanger's (Corpus Christi)

This local favorite has been serving up classic American fare for over 30 years. Their burgers are known for their juicy patties and customizable options, while their friendly service and extensive menu offer something for everyone. Whether you're in the mood for a late-night snack or a family dinner, Wallbanger's has you covered.

7. Kincaid's Hamburgers (Fort Worth)

Renowned for their old-fashioned charm and delicious burgers, Kincaid's has been a Fort Worth institution since 1932. Their dedication to fresh, local ingredients and a simple, flavorful approach has earned them recognition as some of the best burgers in the state.

8. Toro Burger Bar (El Paso)

This fast-casual spot offers a unique El Paso experience. Their signature "Mi Papa" burger features a flavorful Angus beef patty topped with grilled onions, chiles, and cheese. But the real showstopper might be their chile con queso-smothered tater tots, a testament to the restaurant's commitment to bold flavors and Texas-sized portions.

This list barely scratches the surface of the incredible burger options Texas has to offer. From iconic joints to innovative gastropubs, the Lone Star State is a true burger paradise. So, grab a napkin, gather your appetite, and embark on your own Texas burger adventure!