5 Best Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Tennessee

Tennessee Hot DogsTENNESSEE - If you are craving hot dogs, there are a lot of places in Tennessee where you can get some delicious grub.  But a few locations stand out when it comes to delicious hot dogs. Read on to learn about some of the best hot dog joints in the state!

5 Best Must-Try Hot Dpgs Spots in Tennessee

Where Are The Best Hot Dogs in Tennessee?

1. I Dream of Weenie in Nashville TN

I Dream of Weenie has served hot dogs and other tasty treats in the East Nashville area for many years.  Their signature charcoal-grilled weenies are a mainstay on the menu, and they also serve several inventive toppings for the classic all-beef dog. This popular local eatery was recently featured on the cover of Scene magazine. You can find I Dream of Weenie at 113 South 11th Street, adjacent to Fanny's House of Music. They also offer takeout, as well as a vast menu. You can't go wrong with their famous charcoal-grilled weenies for a quick lunch or picnic.

2. Curious Dog in Knoxville TN

Located in the heart of the Knoxville metropolis, the Curious Dog is one of those places where a trip is a must.  The restaurant's extensive menu, including the aforementioned chowhound, provides a variety of tasty tidbits for hungry diners. To top it off, the establishment offers delivery to several surrounding neighborhoods. Aside from the restaurant's staff also takes care of its customers with a smile. And while you're there, why not try some of the restaurant's delectable desserts? Afterward, check out some of the area's best shops nearby. You might even pick up a bargain on a stray.

3. Cori's DogHouse in Mt. Juliet TN

Cori's DogHouse in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, is one of those hot dog establishments that has garnered customer praise.  The menu features a wide variety of gourmet offerings, including specialty sandwiches, a large selection of beer, and a great selection of appetizers. You can also opt for a burger and fries. The menu features specialty hot dogs, sausages, and some of the best-fried pickles. Besides the apparent beef-based varieties, they also offer vegan options, specialty sauces, and dressings to enhance the flavor of any meat. Their selection of sides is impressive, and their specialty buns are worth checking out.

4. Miss Griffin’s Footlong Hot Dogs in Chattanooga TN

Miss Griffin's Footlong Hot Dogs is a restaurant that serves footlong hot dogs, sausages, and more. It is located at 847 East Main Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday and serves takeout. They offer a range of toppings, including chili, cheese, bacon, and onions. Miss Griffin's Footlong Hot Dogs opened in 2005. The restaurant's name traces back to Willie Mae Griffin Hawkins, a woman who started a food stand in Chattanooga in 1939. She was a very kind person and was well-respected in the community. Her footlong hot dogs were topped with mustard and a secret relish.

5. Street Eats in Johnson City TN

One of the hottest new dining destinations to hit the metropolis is Street Eats (Seasonal).  Despite being open only a few hours a day, the place has been a hive of activity, attracting a steady stream of well-heeled patrons. Located right near Hands on!, the Regional Museum, and the sandbox, the upscale eatery is a good bet for an evening out on the town. While the menu boasts a range of dishes from burgers to pizza, a good selection of hot dogs and specialty sausages have earned it a spot on our list of best places to get grub.