7 Best Thrift Shops in South Carolina

Thrift Shops in South CarolinaSOUTH CAROLINAThere are many places in South Carolina where you can find secondhand clothing and other items. For example, you can find clothes and shoes for less at PATH, a ministry-run thrift store that distributes free clothing. Another great thrift store in the area is St. Paws, which has a great selection of new and gently used items. This store offers a wide variety of items and has convenient hours.

 Where are The Best Thrift and Vintage Shops in South Carolina?
7 of The Best Thrift Shops in South Carolina

 Where are The Best Thrift and Vintage Shops in South Carolina?

1. 2nd Acts in Graniteville

If you want an excellent place to buy secondhand goods in Graniteville, South Carolina, 2nd Acts is a great option. This resale store is at 50 Canal St. You can call the store to learn more about hours and pricing.

2. Oconee Restoration Thrift Store in Walhalla

A historic Walhalla, South Carolina building houses the Oconee Restoration Thrift Store. This store features donated clothing, housewares, and furniture. The Walhalla thrift store is one of two thrift stores run by the 2nd Acts organization, known for its low prices and well-organized stores. The other thrift store, Thrift Masters, is in Walterboro. The store is located in the historic Walhalla Depot. It is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and is operated by volunteers. Cindy Blair, One of these volunteers, commissioned the quilt to fulfill an Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail requirement. The quilt must feature a hand-made block. She commissioned a quilt block by Mary Dee Rudy, a prolific quilter and member of the Walhalla Production Team.

3. Carol's Hope Thrift Store in Spartanburg

The Carol's Hope Thrift Store is a charity that helps children and families with children battling cancer. Founded in 2014, the charity helps those in need by providing financial and emotional support. The proceeds help the families pay for transportation, meals, and other items essential to a child's treatment. Carol Moeller, diagnosed with leukemia when her daughter was just five months old, decided to do something about it and started a fundraiser for children with leukemia. She created a more permanent way to help the community by doing so. All the money raised from selling donated items goes directly to those families. These proceeds go towards paying for meals, transportation to doctor's appointments, and even flights.

4. Fair Haven Market PlaceThrift Store in Bonneau

The Fair Haven Market Place is a unique thrift store on East Main Street that focuses on used furniture and accessories. The store is a nonprofit organization and offers daily sales and a quarterly clothing selection. For more nonprofits, visit the Fair Haven Market's Facebook page.

5. PATH Thrift Store in York

The PATH Thrift Store in York, South Carolina, is a great place to find unique items at great prices. You can find all kinds of clothing and household goods at this store. Some locations also carry furniture. You can also contact the store directly if you need more information. The PATH Thrift Store is operated by the Christian Ministers Association of Western York County and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. It has been a nonprofit community for over 25 years and offers several services, including a food pantry and a thrift store. They also provide emergency financial assistance for residents. PATH can assist between 12,000 and 13,000 people a year through these programs.

6. Boys Camp Thrift Store in Seneca

Boys Camp Thrift Store is a retail store that sells donated goods at discounted prices. Located in Seneca, South Carolina, it offers a wide variety of clothing, HomeGoods items, furniture, and novelty items at a great price. It has been in business for 30 years and currently employs seven people. The store is organized so customers can quickly locate what they want. The store has an extensive selection of clothing, kitchenware, and sports items. The store also accepts donations of clothing, books, and sporting goods. The Thrift Store helps local nonprofit organizations by sharing its profits with them.

7. St. Paws Thrift Store in West Columbia

When you want to buy a bargain, look no further than St. Paws Thrift Store in West Columbia, South Carolina. This nonprofit thrift store donates non-profit sales to local animal rescue organizations. During store hours, you can also donate your gently used items. The store is a small, cozy space with a lot of bargains. It has a bathroom that doubles as a dressing room and a wide selection of goods. The store donates a percentage of its proceeds to local animal rescue groups, including Little Paws Dachshund Rescue and Patter Pets.