5 Best: Must-Try Alabama Hot Dog Spots

Top Hot Dog Spots in BamaAlabama boasts several great hot dog spots, such as Gus's Hotdogs (Birmingham) and the Dew Drop Inn (Mobile). Chris' Hot Dogs is another classic, old-school Alabama spot. Below are our picks for The Best Must-Try Hot Dog joints in Alabama.

5 Must-try Alabama Hot Dog Spots

Where to Find The Top Hot Dog Spots in Bama

1. Gus's Hot Dogs Birmingham

Enjoy a delectable hot dog at Gus's Hot Dogs in Birmingham. Their unique hot dogs and special sauce have earned this small establishment it's loyal following; they even serve burgers and breakfast items! As Birmingham's oldest hot dog stand, Gus's has served their community since 1947! You'll find an extensive menu here, including cheese hot dogs with sauce, beef patties, sauerkraut - you name it! 1915 4th Ave N Birmingham AL 35203

2. Dew Drop in Mobile

The Dew Drop Inn, Mobile's iconic landmark, is at Kenneth Street & Old Shell Road. As one of Mobile's oldest restaurants, it has a loyal following of regulars who come for hot dogs, hamburgers, and side dishes like Gulf shrimp or turnip leaves, rice & gravy, and banana pudding too! Inside the rustic atmosphere, you'll find wooden-paneled walls as well as laminate tables set up with flowers in Coke bottles - 1808 Old Shell Rd Mobile, AL 36607

3. Tuscaloosa's Full Moon Bar-B-Q Restaurant

Full Moon Bar-B-Q has long been known as "the best small pork house in Alabama." This elegant restaurant serves a wide selection of chicken and barbecue dishes and its famous half-moon cookies and chow-chow. As its name implies, they still provide some of Tuscaloosa's finest barbecue. Prices are reasonable here, too, while service is excellent at 1434 McFarland Blvd E. Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

4. Chris' Hotdogs in Montgomery

For over four decades, Chris' Hot Dogs in Montgomery has offered delicious chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and chili. Locals and tourists alike love its friendly atmosphere and delectable food. With walls covered with newspaper clippings, photographs, and proclamations - plus two new additions: a signed picture of Governor Kay Ivey and an Alabama Senate resolution honoring the establishment. 138 Dexter Ave. Montgomery AL 36104 | For reservations or more information: contact us!

5. Tony's Hot Dogs Birmingham

Tony's Hot Dogs has earned a reputation for making top-quality hot dogs. You can also enjoy great burgers or breakfast at the restaurant, with friendly service and competitive prices. A warm atmosphere and excellent service make this a fantastic place to eat. The hot dogs are delicious, and you can customize your order with toppings like cabbage, slaw or beef; plus, the special sauce is divine. For something different and memorable, try their junkyard dog - it's one of a kind! 1922 Montgomery Hwy Birmingham AL 35244