What is the State Bird of Maine?

What is the State Bird of Maine?MAINE—Several years ago, the Maine legislature chose the black-capped chickadee as its state bird. The chickadee is a passerine bird most often seen in Maine's woods and forests.

Black-Capped Chickadee Is The State Bird Of Maine 

The chickadee is a very cheerful and pleasant bird. It is usually spotted in the forest and can be identified by its glossy black head, yellow-breasted feathers, and fringed black bib. It is also very aggressive and can attack smaller birds. During the winter, it is often seen in caching locations. It may follow people and peck at their food.

The black-capped chickadee is a small, non-migratory songbird that lives in mixed and deciduous forests. It is a member of the Titmouse family. It has brown eyes, white cheeks, and a black cap.

The black-capped chickadee was first proposed for Maine's state bird in 1927. It is an official state bird of both Massachusetts and Maine. However, there is a controversy over whether it is the right bird to be the state bird of Maine.

The debate has prompted discussions about tourism and climate change. The Maine Legislature has divided over the state bird, which has spawned bipartisan insults aimed at Massachusetts.

The Maine State Federation of Women's Clubs has been campaigning for the black-capped chickadee as the state bird. The bill to make the chickadee the state bird of Maine has been submitted by the state rep. Betty Austin. It is expected to be reviewed by the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government in the coming weeks.