The Palace Diner at Biddeford, ME

The Palace Diner at Biddeford, MEMAINE - The Palace Diner at Biddeford in Southeastern Maine offers old-fashioned comfort food in a historic rail car. You can stop by for breakfast or lunch in the Diner's retro-modern railcar.

The Palace Diner at Biddeford, ME
Photo: The Palace Diner at Biddeford in Maine

The Palace Diner at Biddeford in Maine Serves Breakfast and Lunch

The food at the Diner is made with locally-sourced ingredients, including a large selection of baked goods. The service at the Diner is friendly and attentive, and reasonably priced.The Diner is famous for its classic burgers; the restaurant also has a cult following for its sandwiches. The tuna melt is a popular choice at the Palace Diner. It has a unique flavor combination of mayo, dill, onion, and celery salt. The tuna melt is served on buttery challah bread. The taste is unparalleled, and the price is right, too.

In the past, The Diner on Main in Biddeford, Maine, was run by immigrants who migrated from the United States to work for lumber mills. While the management has stayed true to the old-school feel, the Diner is still in excellent condition and used to its full potential. You can order online or place an order over the phone for pick-up. In addition to a full menu, the Palace also offers take-out and online ordering.

The Palace Diner was built in Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1927 by the Pollard Company. It has been in Biddeford, Maine, for its entire life and is one of two Pollard cars remaining in America?

Greg Mitchell and Chad Conley reopened the Diner in March 2014 and are its sixth proprietors. 2021 saw the first renovations to the building in over a decade, hoping to give it strength and vitality for years to come. Today, it is an authentic diner with hard-times classics.