What is the State Bird of Rhode Island?

What is the State Bird of Rhode Island?RHODE ISLAND - Known as Rhode Island Red, the RI Red is a domestic bird created in the late 1800s. It was developed by crossbreeding brown Leghorn chickens from Italy with Oriental birds. This breed was designed to be a productive egg layer. Eventually, it was selected as the state bird of Rhode Island.

What is the State Bird of Rhode Island?
Photo: Rhode Island Red


The State Bird of Rhode Island is The RI Red

Rhode Island is an ocean state with beautiful beaches and resort communities. It is also home to the Harbor Seal, the state's official animal. The state rock is Cumberlandite, which is a heavy black rock. It is believed to be around one to 1.5 billion years old and is found in both Narragansett Bay and the northwestern state.

Rhode Island's state bird is the Rhode Island Red, a hardy, dual-purpose chicken. It was chosen as the state bird of Rhode Island in the early 1950s. In the early 1990s, the breed was commemorated by a plaque in Adamsville, Rhode Island. The Audubon Society of Rhode Island hosted an election to select the state bird of the state. The Providence Journal Company and the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs sponsored the contest.

The Rhode Island red won the election in 1954, becoming the state bird of Rhode Island. This is the only state in the United States with a non-native bird as its official state bird. The osprey and ruby-throated hummingbird were also contenders.

There are several farms in other states that breed Rhode Island reds. The eggs of the hens are good quality. The hens can lay as many as five to six medium to large brown eggs per week.