There's No Jersey Accent: There Just Pronouncing Things Wrong

There's No Jersey AccentNEW JERSEY - As a proud New Jerseyan,  I've often been perplexed by the mispronunciation of our state's name and some of our most beloved icons. It's a matter of principle.

Defending the Pronunciation of Our Beloved State
Defending the Pronunciation of Our Beloved State

Jersey Pride: Defending the Pronunciation of Our Beloved State

Take, for instance, the name "Mario." It's a simple, straightforward name. Yet, somehow, it gets butchered into a monstrosity of extra syllables and misplaced emphasis. There's only one "R" in Mario, people! It's not rocket science.

And then there's the infamous "Noo Joisey." Seriously, who came up with that? No self-respecting New Jerseyan would ever utter such a profane phrase. It's an insult to our linguistic heritage, a blatant disregard for the sanctity of the Garden State's name.

The only people who dare to pronounce it that way are those from Brooklyn, who seem to think they can waltz into our territory and impose their linguistic quirks upon us. It's like calling the cast of "The Jersey Shore" true New Jerseyans – a notion so absurd it's laughable. Those folks are from Staten Island, for crying out loud!

So, let's set the record straight. It's "New JERSEY," with a clear emphasis on the "JER." And it's "MAR-ee-oh," not "MAR-ee-AH-roh."

This isn't just about pronunciation; it's about preserving the integrity of our state's identity. New Jersey has a rich history, diverse culture, and strong personalities. We don't need outsiders trying to redefine who we are.

So, the next time you hear someone say "Noo Joisey," don't be afraid to correct them. Let them know that we take our state's name seriously and won't tolerate linguistic shenanigans. After all, we're New Jerseyans, and we're proud of it.