10 Best New Jersey Shore Towns

NEW JERSEY - you're searching for family fun, a romantic getaway, or an unbeatable party scene - New Jersey has plenty of great beach towns. Unbeknownst to many, many of these seaside towns boast classic architecture, breathtaking outdoor activities, and classic shopping - so discover which one is perfect for you by reading on!

10 Best New Jersey Shore Towns

1. Spring Lake

For those searching for a tranquil haven with stunning beaches and an uncommercialized boardwalk, Spring Lake is your ideal destination. Once a Gilded Age resort for wealthy New Yorkers, this town transports visitors to an age of serenity and sophistication. Spring Lake offers an array of charming downtown shops, restaurants, and bed-and-breakfast inns. But what truly sets Spring Lake apart is its historic Victorian inns and homes.

2. Ocean City

Ocean City is often called "America's Greatest Family Resort." This idyllic beach town is ideal for families. Its beautiful shorelines and classic boardwalk attractions will enchant visitors of all ages. Ocean City's iconic Boardwalk stretches three miles along the sandy shoreline. It boasts restaurants, shops, arcades, and amusement rides - making it a must-see when visiting this vibrant beachside community.

3. Stone Harbor

Are you looking for a tranquil family beach vacation on the Jersey Shore? Stone Harbor is your ideal destination. This picturesque Southern New Jersey town offers an idyllic beach experience, an inviting shopping district, and excellent restaurants. Stone Harbor's retail mecca, 96th Street, offers an eclectic mix of shops, stores,s and eateries to explore. With art galleries, boutiques,s and gift shops galore, 96th Street promises hours of pleasure all year round.

4. Avalon

Avalon, New Jersey, is a beloved vacation spot for beachgoers from all over. With stunning beaches and an inviting atmosphere, this classic seaside town has something special for everyone. Avalon's seven miles of golden beaches provide plenty of swimming, boating,g, and surfing opportunities. Additionally, the town hosts a range of family-friendly activities and events throughout the year.

5. Long Branch

Long Branch is a beloved beach town along the Jersey Shore, making it an ideal destination for weekend trips with family and friends. The area is known for its outdoor attractions, such as Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. This park offers a playground, skatepark, and open land to enjoy.

6. Atlantic City

Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a renowned beach resort on the 10-mile-long Absecon Island. With its crystal-clear waters, luxurious hotels, and proximity to Camden by rail line, Atlantic City quickly gained notoriety as an attraction for visitors across America. In 1870, a railroad conductor and hotel owner created a Boardwalk to enable health-seekers to get near the water without sand getting everywhere. The original wooden walkway was eight feet wide and one mile in length.

7. Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City, a charming beach town in Cape May County, is an ideal family vacation spot. Situated midway between Atlantic City and Historic Cape May, this resort town offers wide sandy beaches and friendly residents who welcome visitors year after year. Sea Isle City, known for its idyllic beaches and natural environment, is also an environmentally conscious resort town. The resort's mascot, Sara, the turtle, represents this commitment to sustainability and has inspired innovative programs to save endangered diamondback terrapins.

8. Wildwood

Wildwood is a resort town on an island barrier along the Atlantic Ocean. Its name was given due to the abundance of wildflowers found there. Wildwood is known for its accessible white sandy beaches, world-class Boardwalk, and affordable hotels and motels. Plus, there are plenty of liquor stores, bars, and restaurants to enjoy here.

9. Cape May

Cape May is a charming seaside town at the southernmost point of New Jersey. Perfect for a day trip or an overnight stay, this seaside destination offers plenty of family-friendly activities, outdoor adventures, and restaurants to enjoy. It boasts the country's highest concentration of Victorian architecture, designated a National Historic District. Furthermore, this region offers some of the finest beaches on the Eastern shore.

10. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a beloved vacation and weekend getaway spot for New Jerseyans, New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, and visitors from as far north as Canada. It boasts an award-winning boardwalk, world-class entertainment venues, highly rated hotels and restaurants, excellent shopping options, and more. Its wide beaches, majestic waves, and vibrant Boardwalk attract thousands of visitors every year. Additionally, there are various amusements, arcades, and other world-class entertainment.