8 Must-Try Restaurants in Georgetown DC

Best Must-Try Restaurants in Georgetown DCGEORGETOWN, DC - If you're looking for the best restaurants in Georgetown, DC, you've come to the right place. We've scoured the local area for the top places to eat and compiled a list for you. Whether you're visiting the city for the first time or a regular, we've got you covered.

Photo: Ristorante Piccolo

 Where Are The Best Restaurants in Georgetown?

1. Ristorante Piccolo

If you are looking for a restaurant in Washington DC that serves delicious food and a great atmosphere, you must check out Ristorante Piccolo. This Italian eatery is located in the heart of Georgetown. It is the ideal place for romantic dinners for two. This Italian restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance similar to a European supper club. It offers an updated take on classic Italian cuisine. It has a second-floor balcony that overlooks historic Georgetown.

It also has an extensive menu with dishes from a variety of regions. The menu includes a wide variety of mouth-watering pasta and main courses. It also has a great selection of wine. It has a wine expert on staff that can help you pair your meal with wine. Ristorante Piccolo offers an outdoor dining area perfect for a romantic evening. It also has a dine-in option and is open until 2.45 am.

2. Georgetown Pizza and Grill

If you are a pizza connoisseur, you have no doubt heard of Georgetown Pizza and Grill. This halal and vegan restaurant has a wide range of menu items. From pizza to burgers, and vegetarian options to gluten-free selections, there is something for everyone at this popular restaurant. In addition to pizza and pasta, you can also order takeout or delivery. The company delivers to a select area within the DC metro. If you are looking for a high-quality gourmet meal in the heart of Georgetown, you will be pleased with the fast and efficient service you receive at this popular restaurant.

3. Curry and Pie

Curry and Pie is the newest addition to the Georgetown dining scene. If you're in the market for Indian food, this is a place to check out. As of this writing, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. A nice touch is a fact that it uses handcrafted family recipes. This is something you don't often see in DC. If you're into wine, you'll be glad to know that the place is also a wine bar. The staff is friendly, and the drink prices are reasonable. The food isn't bad either, and they'll even make you a dessert with the drinks.

4. Dumplings and Beyond

If you're looking for a tasty bite of the Great Wall of China, Dumplings and Beyond in Georgetown, DC, is an excellent place to start. This restaurant boasts a wide selection of traditional Chinese foods, including shrimp dumplings, Mongolian beef, and scallion pancakes. They also have a large selection of bubble tea and offer delivery, making them one of the more popular Chinese restaurants in the DC area. It's hard to find a good soup dumpling in D.C., but the soup and the accompanying steamed buns at this ramen joint do the trick. They even have a decent selection of coffee, as well.

5. Martin’s Tavern

If you want a place to have a good time in Washington, DC, you must check out Martin's Tavern. Not only is the food delicious, but the place also holds a special place in Washington's history. Martin's is the oldest family-run restaurant in the city. It's been serving up hearty pub fare since 1933 and has become a Georgetown institution. The tavern has also hosted the United States presidents and other notable people. In the past 90 years, the Martin's has served as a neighborhood hangout, and its bartenders have mingled with political leaders and celebrities. Many of the booths are named after important figures in America's past. The tavern has even been featured on the cooking show Man v. Food!

6. Chez Billy Sud

If you're in DC, you have to try Chez Billy Sud. It's an elegant yet comfortable restaurant that offers a French dining experience. It's an excellent spot for a date or dinner with friends. The menu is small, with a focus on southern French food. The wine list is also excellent. You can find a wide variety of cocktails at the wine bar. The menu is divided into hors d'oeuvres, entrees, and desserts. You'll find hearty soups, salads, and meaty entrées like salmon roti. For a lighter meal, you can order the escargots. You'll find a small yet varied menu of classic French dishes for lunch. The salads include Caesar, a traditional hearty salad. In addition, you can enjoy the Smoky Collards, prepared with queso fresco, salsa paprika, and radish.

7. Farmers Fishers Bakers

Farmers Fishers Bakers are the best brunch place in Georgetown. Open most weekends; this farm-inspired American restaurant offers a variety of menu options. You can't go wrong, from pizzas and sushi to tacos and more. With a sleek, eco-chic space and scenic river views, it's also the perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

A family-owned and operated establishment, Farmers Fishers Bakers, is located in Washington, DC. In addition to offering traditional breakfast and lunch options, it's also open most holiday Mondays. The place is run by two lifelong restaurateurs committed to serving farm-inspired fare. If you're in the area, you'll want to try the crispy thin pizzas and sushi. The taquitos come in your choice of tortilla. They also have brunch items like pancakes and french toast. If you're looking for a quick meal, you can order online. The restaurant also accepts Uber Eats. For the most convenient way to get to Farmers Fishers Bakers, consider using Moovit, a transit app that provides real-time directions and updates on bus and train schedules.

8. Mai Thai

Mai Thai is a small but tasty restaurant located in the trendy Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC. This "Made in Thailand" establishment features upscale decor and a menu filled with traditional Thai fare. In the latest news, the restaurant has reopened after a two-month hiatus, with its re-imagined menu featuring more modest portions of the classics, a slew of new appetizers, and a new drink menu. The best part is that they're now offering free delivery to all of Washington, DC, as well as a selection of craft beer and artisanal wines.