Best Restaurants in New Brunswick Canada

Canada RestaurantsNEW BRUNSWICK, CA - There are several excellent restaurants in New Brunswick, whether you're looking for fast food or an elegant meal. Whether local or traveling, you'll find something you love in the region. In this article, we've highlighted the best restaurants in the area.

Best Restaurants in New Brunswick Canada
Photo: East Coast Bistro in Saint John


East Coast Bistro in Saint John

Located in the heart of New Brunswick's maritime province, East Coast Bistro is a dining experience not to be missed. This is one fine dining establishment worth visiting, from its award-winning cocktails to its delicious seafood to its impressive wine list. As for service, the restaurant's staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring you'll have an enjoyable dining experience.

The menu mixes Canadian fare (as the name implies) and French-inspired dishes. For the bafflingly priced prix fixe menu, you'll have the option of choosing from several entrees. From its menu, you'll also be able to sample its signature cocktails, a well-stocked wine list, and a selection of craft beers. Lastly, you'll be pleased to know that the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, albeit with a few exceptions. Located on the corner of the busy Main Street and Commuter Boulevard, this is a prime location for tourists and locals alike. The best time to visit is during the morning or early afternoon when the city's dining options are most amiable.

Windjammer in Moncton

Located in the heart of New Brunswick, the Windjammer is one of the city's premier hotels.  It's near the aforementioned ocean and a slew of small farms and distilleries. As far as food goes, the Windjammer offers both classic French and contemporary American cuisine. The restaurant even has a gin distillery on-site. In addition to the standard hotel fare, the Windjammer offers several signature locally sourced cuts.

The Windjammer also boasts one of the city's most elaborate rooftop gardens. Diners can soak up the sun and local flavors on a warm summer day. Aside from the standard hotel fare, the restaurant even offers tableside service. The Windjammer's mainstays include Caesar salads, filet mignon, and crepes. The restaurant's menu also boasts an impressive collection of gin made with local ingredients. With an all-inclusive package, a visit to the Windjammer is a must for anyone looking for a unique and memorable dining experience. In addition to its award-winning menu, the Windjammer also boasts an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a well-appointed lobby.

The Schnitzel Parlour in Fredericton

Located on Union Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, the Schnitzel Parlour serves authentic German food.  Owners Uwe and Beate Kuster have created a regular clientele for their restaurant, which features a wide variety of schnitzels. You can find schnitzel with chocolate-chili sauce, Bombay curry, or traditional German fare. There are also several European specialties.

Located on Union Street in Fredericton, The Schnitzel Parlour is the only restaurant in the city that serves authentic German food. The couple's gourmet menu includes schnitzel with chocolate chili, Bombay curry, or traditional German cuisine. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. There are two dining rooms. It is recommended to reserve a table. If you are traveling in a group, the restaurant can fit up to 30 people.

Schnitzel Parlour is also known for its truffles. The restaurant serves truffles, chocolate tortes, and Central European tortes. Owner Uwe Kuster sent a box of truffles to Queen Elizabeth II in Saint John in 2012. The truffles are made from a chocolate brand that Uwe Kuster introduced to Canada. He has been using Callebaut Belgian chocolate for truffles since he arrived in Canada.

Italian by Night in Saint John

Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, Italian by Night is an urban Italian restaurant that serves Italian dishes with a North American twist.  It has a homey, rustic feel with a bar and bar-style seating. The menu features classic Italian dishes as well as desserts. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the wine and beer list is a good selection.

Italian by Night is open Thursday to Saturday, from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. They have great prices, excellent service, and a spectacular atmosphere. Three people own the restaurant. They are happy to serve any customer.

Italian by Night is located at 97 Germain St. They also carry local beer and Italian beers. The owners encourage their customers to order a drink of their choice. They have a good selection of wine, and the owners can make recommendations for the perfect pairing. They also have fried polenta, pork meatballs, and tiramisu. The restaurant also serves risotto balls and raspberry sorbet.

Italian by Night is a great place to stop for a drink before or after dinner. They carry a great selection of Italian beer and wine, and the owners are happy to discuss the best pairings.

Les Brumes du Coude in Moncton

Located on Botsford Street in Moncton, New Brunswick, Les Brumes du Coude is a French restaurant.  The seasonal products of the sea inspire its cuisine. Guests will find a variety of French-inspired dishes and drinks. They can enjoy the dining room's ambiance or take advantage of the outdoor seating.

The restaurant serves a variety of classic French cuisine, as well as innovative dishes inspired by the terroir of the sea. The menu is constantly evolving, as is the wine list. The restaurant's staff is friendly and courteous. They are eager to host guests in their warm and convivial setting.

Chef Michel has a passion for food and loves to share his culinary knowledge. His dishes are widespread, including beef tartare. However, his cooking technique isn't so great regarding seafood and steaks. The restaurant has a diverse wine list and cocktail menu.

In addition to the restaurant's extensive menu, Les Brumes du Coude also serves wine and whiskey. They accept mobile payments and offer Dine-in and take-out options. Guests have reported that the prices are fair and the service is professional. They are also impressed by the restaurant's decor. The restaurant features a chalkboard menu and exposed brick walls, which give it a classic feel.

Acorn Restaurant in Lake George

Whether you're looking for a dinner worthy of a diamond-clad daisy or the ladies will approve, you won't be disappointed at Acorn Restaurant.  The restaurant's primary offerings include the tastiest burger in NB, the cheapest booze, and the best service in the boroughs. Located at 10 Route 635, Acorn is in the heart of the boroughs and is a good bet for your next dinner date, hen night, or stag do. For more than the usual beefy steak, you'll find a menu geared towards seafood, salads, a la carte, and a plethora of entrees for every budget. Acorn Restaurant has the nitrifying trifecta of a waitstaff, a well-appointed kitchen, and a well-stocked bar with a smattering of locals and a few seasoned travelers. The restaurant can be rented out during off hours, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming staff.

Birch Grove Restaurant & Takeout in Saint George

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a quick meal, The Birch Grove Restaurant & Takeout in Saint George, New Brunswick, is the place to go.  Their menu has something for everyone, from their popular Canadian menu to their mouth-watering desserts. Their staff is friendly, and the prices are reasonable.

In addition to the menu above, Birch Grove has an impressive list of perks. They have a free ice cream sundae on Fridays, a new menu featuring local seafood, and a free Sunday buffet. The restaurant has a quaint and quaint feel, with a cozy bar and patio.

The Palate in Fredericton

Located in the heart of downtown Fredericton, The Palate is the perfect mix of casual and fine dining.  Guests can choose from seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes with a menu fusion of local, seasonal, and international ingredients. Guests can also choose from desserts like chocolate cheesecake or lemon meringue pie. This restaurant also serves vegan and gluten-free options, making it a great place to dine for various health-conscious diets.

The Palate's food is served in a casual atmosphere, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. In addition to a variety of local, regional, and international cuisine, the restaurant also features a variety of craft beer and cocktails. Guests can also order dishes like lobster soup or seafood chowder.

The Palate also offers daily specials. The restaurant offers a few club sandwiches if you're looking for a quick meal. This place also provides global wines. The Palate has a casual and sophisticated atmosphere if you're looking for a place to meet with friends.