The 8 Coolest Coffee Shops in America

Food Travel LogoEAST COAST TRAVEL - Whether you're looking for the most incredible coffee shops in America or want to know where to find the best cup of coffee, you've come to the right place.  We've compiled a list of the best coffee shops in America, from New York to Portland, and we'll take you on tour.

The 8 Coolest Coffee Shops in America

Gimme Coffee in Ithaca NY

Founded in 2000, Gimme Coffee is an iconic Ithaca, New York-based coffee company. Its flagship store on State Street serves as an authentic neighborhood espresso bar, offering a variety of specialty coffees, teas, and pastries. Gimme is also committed to using sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

Gimme Coffee has had a 16-year history and was voted the best coffee shop in New York state in 2014. Gimme also earned a Macro Roaster of the Year award from Roast Magazine in 2013. The company also serves four non-coffee drinks, including Italian soda, cocoa, tea, and chai. But the company has recently taken a big leap into the co-op world. On July 1, 2020, Gimme will transition from a private company to an employee-owned cooperative.

OddFox Coffee Co in New York City NY

If you're looking for a hip coffee shop with above-average lunch fare, you'll find many cafes in the Financial District, Midtown, and Upper East Side. Some of them are small, while others have more than one location. For example, Odd Fox Coffee has a sizable backyard in two Brooklyn locations. As for the coffee, the Odd Fox has a well-deserved reputation for producing a good cup of joe. They're known for their Matcha lattes with nut milk. And they're also known for their Australian-inspired blends.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland OR

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company operates a variety of coffee shops and roasting facilities in the United States, as well as in Europe and Japan. In addition to its retail cafes and roasting facilities, Stumptown sells wholesale coffee and tea to restaurants, supermarkets, and other retailers throughout the United States.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is one of the pioneers of the Third Wave coffee movement and is credited for pioneering the cold brew coffee category. It offers whole beans, brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and brewing gear. Stumptown is also known for its French press coffee, a popular choice in many restaurants. In addition to its five Portland locations, Stumptown operates a coffee shop in New York City and has cafes in Seattle, Washington D.C., and Kyoto, Japan. The company also has cafes in New Orleans and Chicago.

The Wormhole Coffee in Chicago IL

Located in Wicker Park, The Wormhole Coffee is a coffee shop that offers excellent coffee and funky decor. It has a relaxed vibe, a life-sized DeLorean from Back to the Future, and some exciting coffee flavors. This '80s-themed rustic coffee shop serves excellent coffee and other tasty treats. There are a few vegan options on the menu. In the warmer months, customers can enjoy tables outside. Besides coffee, Wormhole also serves ice cream, fruity pebbles, and vegan "cream"-filled donuts.

The Wormhole also has a few video game memorabilia. The back wall is decorated with shelves full of Gremlins and Ghostbusters. There are also some vintage movie posters and a computer that looks like a Macintosh. It's an excellent coffee shop with funky decor, tasty drinks, and fascinating history. Another exciting feature of The Wormhole is its WiFi. You can get connected here through a wifi password printed on floppy disks scattered around the cafe. You'll also find two community tables and a couple of lamps. You can also get a drink with an NFC mobile payment system.

Sey Coffee in Brooklyn NY

Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, SEY Coffee is the perfect spot for coffee enthusiasts. The micro-roaster, located in a sky-lit warehouse, serves some of the best coffee in the city. It's a bright, airy, and plant-filled place. This coffee shop is dedicated to sourcing and producing the highest quality coffee. It has various coffee choices, including seasonal blends, single-origin espresso drinks, and cold brew coffee. They even offer a subscription service to enjoy fresh beans every month.

Sey Coffee is open Monday through Sunday. If you want to see the roasting process, you can sit in the cafe while the roaster works. The cafe also serves a small selection of sandwiches. Coffee at Sey is served on a plate with an information sheet about the coffee. You can also order a cup of sparkling water to accompany your drink. The cafe has a minimalist interior, with loads of natural light and hanging plants. You can also take a cupping session if you are interested in learning more about the beans.

Madcap Coffee in Grand Rapids MI

Founded in 2008, Madcap Coffee is a coffee roaster located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their goal is to source the finest beans and create memorable coffee experiences. Their coffee is roasted to perfection. They also produce a variety of tea and smoothie blends. Madcap is part of a larger coffee community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This neighborhood is home to several of the country's most renowned roasters. It's a lively and vibrant area with historic architecture and public art installations. The area is also home to several neighborhood cafes.

Two entrepreneurs founded madcap Coffee with a common goal. Their passion for coffee is evident in their mission. They aim to create memorable coffee experiences by sourcing the best beans, roasting them to perfection, and sharing their love of the craft with their community. In addition to being a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, Madcap allows its employees to learn about roasting. The company hosts monthly roastery tours and also offers a hands-on roasting demo.

Spiller Park Coffee in Atlanta GA

Located at Ponce City Market, Spiller Park Coffee is a high-end coffee kiosk. Its name comes from the old baseball grounds on Ponce de Leon, where the Atlanta Crackers played. The cafe offers standard espresso drinks, iced coffee, and signature drinks. It also has an extensive toast menu. The cafe offers housemade nut milk and oat milk. It also offers a variety of filter drinks, standard espresso drinks, and more. It's a great place to grab coffee with friends or meet up with colleagues.

Spiller Park Coffee is located in Ponce City Market's Central Food Hall. It's the newest food and beverage business to join Hotel Row's redevelopment. In addition to its coffee, the cafe carries several roasters, including Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters and George Howell Coffee. The cafe also offers a variety of house-made pastries. They also feature a full lunch menu.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia, PA

Located in Philadelphia, La Colombe Coffee Roasters has been around for over 20 years. It is known as one of the country's leading independent coffee roasters. It has a reputation for ethical trade practices with small-holder farms and provides excellent single-origin coffees. It is also known for its signature coffee blends and offers light snack fare and hand-crafted classic coffee drinks.

La Colombe has 32 cafes across the country, each offering exceptional single-origin coffees and two signature blends. Its coffee is available in grocery stores throughout the country. It also produces iconic cold brew on-the-go beverages. La Colombe has recently made news with its ready-to-drink (RTD) LATTE, which has taken the coffee category by storm.