8 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in North Carolina

Hot Dog Joints in North CarolinaNORTH CAROLINA - If you love hot dogs, this article will provide some great recommendations. Please take a look at our top picks for hot dogs in North Carolina and get ready to plan your next trip. We can only list a few of the many hot dog places in North Carolina.

8 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in North Carolina
8 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in North Caolina

Where Are The Best Hot Dog Joints in North Carolina?

JJ's Red Hots in Charlotte

JJ's Red Hots offers a retro-style counter service and a variety of toppings. It is a great choice for anyone looking for smoky hot dogs or sausages. This restaurant is great for family outings in Charlotte's University City neighborhood. JJ's offers more than just hot dogs and sausages. They also offer a wide selection of side dishes like fresh fruit and homemade soup.

Bill's Hot Dogs in  Washington

Bill's Hot Dogs is a popular spot for hot dogs, chips and a drink. It was established in 1928. Bill's has two locations in Washington, North Carolina. This makes it a family-friendly choice. Since the opening of the first location, the original chili has been maintained and many customers return for more.

Paul's Place Famous Hotdogs in Rocky Point

Paul's Place Famous Hotdogs is the place to go if you want the best hotdogs Rocky Point has to offer. Local landmark, Paul's Place Famous Hotdogs has been around for more than 90 years. It is a favorite destination for both locals and visitors. They are known for their sweet relish and can be found all over the country. Paul's Place Famous Hotdogs is located just 15 miles north from Wilmington.

Snoopy's Famous Hot Dogs in Raleigh

Snoopy’s Famous Hot Dogs has five locations throughout the Raleigh area. Customers can enjoy a quick and delicious meal. Since 1978, the Raleigh location of Snoopy's Famous Hot Dogs has been satisfying night owls. Steve and Sarah Webb started their businesses from scratch. Snoopy's Famous Hot Dogs, which was recorded in the Technician, was a huge success due to its great food and excellent location. Raleigh, North Carolina, may be the next hot dog destination, thanks to its family-friendly atmosphere.

Hot Dog World in Hendersonville

Hot Dog World has the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for a hot dog, cozy atmosphere, or both. In 1986, Dora and Steve bought the father's business. Their website states that the company is dedicated to providing positive customer experiences and a high level of service. Hot Dog World offers a variety of hot dogs to choose from, including the "House Special Dog", which is topped with chili and mustard as well as the "Foot Long," which is a quarter-pound Frankfurter with mustard chili, onion and slaw.

Sup Dogs in Greenville

Hot dogs, burgers, and chicken sandwiches are all available at this casual joint. Also, frozen alcoholic drinks and beer are available. Sup Dogs Restaurant was founded by Derek Oliverio in 2008. It serves hot dogs, burgers, and chicken sandwiches, as well as frozen alcoholic drinks and beer.

Raleigh's Tasty Eights

Tasty Eight's is located in Raleigh's downtown area. It offers a casual and pet-friendly environment. The restaurant serves delicious hot dogs made with all-North Carolina beef, and artisan sausages. The restaurant also offers vegetarian and vegan options. It is open from late Saturday night until 3 AM on weekends. Customers can visit the restaurant during lunch and dinner on weekdays, and weekends are open until 3 AM.

Chili Man in Charlotte

This vendor can provide a hot dog for any price, whether you want a loaded or simple hotdog. Vic runs Chili Man, a street vendor. The business has five-star Yelp ratings and an exciting menu. Hot dogs like the Q-dog with barbecue sauce, cheese, onions and slaw are available on the menu. Chili Man was established in 2004 and offers homemade chili, barbeque sauces (ketchup, mustard) and a homemade taco seasoning.