The Field of Giant Corn Cobs in Dublin Ohio

The Field of Giant Corn Cobs in Dublin OhioDUBLIN, OH - Located in Dublin, Ohio, the Field of Giant Corn Cobs (Cornhenge) was initially commissioned by the Dublin Arts Council.  It pays homage to the area's agricultural heritage and serves as a memorial to the rural landscapes of the past.

The Field of Giant Corn Cobs in Dublin Ohio
Photo: Giant Corn Cobs in Dublin Ohio

 What is The Field of Giant Corn Cobs?

Each giant ear of corn stands six feet three inches tall and weighs over 1500 pounds. Columbus, Ohio, artist Malcolm Cochran created this project. Previously, Cochran was a professor of sculpture at Ohio State University. The rich agricultural history of Dublin inspired him.

Cochran researched the history of the plot and learned of the connections between the site and hybrid corn. The Dublin Arts Council commissioned him to create a public art installation. The project was completed in 1994 and funded with tax dollars.

The project was installed on the former cornfield of Sam Frantz, who worked on the site between 1935 and 1963. Frantz was a pioneer in hybrid corn research and development. He was also a partner with the Ohio State University in hybridization projects.

A row of old Osage Orange Trees surrounds the project. It also has five bronze plaques that explain hybridization and the history of the farming industry in Ohio.

The project was funded through the Dublin Art in Public Places program. It was dedicated on October 30, 1994. The cost was $70,000. Some taxpayers complained about the expense. Others have embraced the artwork.

The field has become a roadside attraction and a popular place to take photos. It has even become the backdrop for weddings.