Santa Anna's Leg in Springfield Illinois

ILLINOIS - During the Mexican-American War, Illinois soldiers captured a prosthetic leg for General Santa Anna. He was injured during a skirmish with the French Navy in Veracruz. This is considered a historical fact and is now housed in the Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield, Illinois.

Santa Anna's Leg in Springfield Illinois


The leg was displayed to curious onlookers for a nominal fee.  There hasn't been a lot of interest in the leg, but its existence has attracted the attention of both the public and the Illinois National Guard.

In the 1840s, the fourth Illinois Infantry unit was tasked with sneaking past enemy lines during the Mexican War. A surprise attack by the unit caught General Santa Anna off guard and forced him to give up his leg.

The leg remained displayed at the Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield for years. A sergeant who captured the portion exhibited it at county fairs and local museums.

The leg was briefly shown in London and Washington, D.C., but hasn't been loaned out in decades.

The leg is now displayed in a museum in Springfield, Illinois, on the second floor of the TAG building. It is one of two identical legs that Santa Anna had custom-made in New York City for $1300.

The leg was also briefly displayed at the Crystal Palace in London and Washington, D.C., to demonstrate the machine's marvels.

The leg is also on display at the Oglesby Mansion in Decatur. The leg is accompanied by other notable artifacts, including a mummified head of Jeremy Bentham.