Junction 35 Spirits & Kitchen in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge, TN - Located in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Junction 35 Spirits & Kitchen combines a distillery, a bar, and a kitchen. The distillery produces a variety of premium spirits, and the bar offers an impressive menu.

Photo: Junction 35 Spirits & Kitchen in Pigeon Forge


Junction 35 is home to the 100-proof original form of the white dog whiskey, as well as a variety of craft bourbons and other premium spirits.  The distillery makes a few rums and produces a gin with local botanicals.

The Junction 35 Kitchen & Bar has several tasty signature salads and offers one of the most mouthwatering burgers in Pigeon Forge. These burgers are crafted with chuck and brisket and accompanied by Nashville hot sauce and blackened seasonings. The burger is a definite gastronomical delight; the best part is that it's not overly pricey.

The Junction 35 Kitchen & Bar also has an impressive beverage menu, including fresh lemonade and Black Rifle Coffee. The liquor worthy of mention here is the Straight Rye, aged for three years before being tapped. The rum, or rum cocktails as they're called, also comes in several flavors, including straight bourbon, vanilla, and caramel.

The Junction 35 Spirits & Kitchen has a pretty impressive design, and its staff is top-notch. This restaurant is the perfect setting for any gathering, from a business dinner to a casual lunch with the family. They also sell a variety of souvenirs, including t-shirts and hoodies.

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