Al Capone's Grave in Hillside IL

ILLINOIS - Located in Hillside, Illinois, Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery is a cemetery that is associated with Al Capone.  It is located near Wolf Road, Eisenhower Expressway, and Roosevelt Road. The cemetery is home to hundreds of headstones and photographs of the people who have passed away here.

Al Capone's Grave
Photo: Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery In Hillside

Al Capone's Grave Is In Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery In Hillside


Al Capone was a prominent gangster who was one of the largest racketeers of the 1920s. He was also one of the first gangsters imprisoned at Alcatraz Island. He was arrested in 1931 for tax evasion. He spent eight years in prison before dying in 1947.

Al Capone's grave is in Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois. He was buried next to his father, Gabriele Capone. His family moved to Mount Carmel when his mother died. This cemetery has been a popular tourist destination.

The cemetery is a peaceful place to visit, and visitors may leave trinkets on Al Capone's grave. The grave is small, and the stone is flush with the ground. The headstone has a large black marker. Vandals sometimes push it over.

Al Capone's family initially laid him to rest at Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery in Chicago. However, they had to move their remains when the cemetery was vandalized. The family hoped that the new cemetery would be less susceptible to vandalism.

Al Capone's grave is next to his father, Gabriele Capone, his brother Salvatore, and his brother Frank. This cemetery is a popular tourist destination associated with Al Capone. There are also many family monuments located here.