Visiting Grave Creek Mound - West Virginia

Grave Creek Mound - West VirginiaWEST VIRGINIA - For people interested in archaeology, the Grave Creek Mound is one of the most compelling roadside attractions in West Virginia. This mound was created during the Woodland period (1000 BC - 1 AD). People in the region were known as Mound Builders, and the mound was built in stages over a period of 100 years. Modern scholars have questioned the mound's origins, but there is no doubt that the mound is interesting.

Grave Creek Mound - West Virginia
Grave Creek Mound - West Virginia

 Grave Creek Archeological Complex

The museum, built in 1978, features artifacts from the gravesite and is home to exhibits on the Adena culture. These artifacts provide insight into Adena's lifestyle and culture and are displayed at the Delf Norona Museum. The museum also houses information about Adena's culture and the theories of mound construction.

The museum and historical site at the Grave Creek Archeological Complex includes a gift shop, outdoor picnic areas, and a 136-seat theater. The museum is open year-round, and guided interpretive tours are available to groups. In addition to learning about the history of the Adena people, the museum also houses the Conical Burial Mound. Adena is considered a prehistoric Native American cultural group.

The museum at the Mound is located in two old excavation shafts. The horizontal bricked shaft houses an underground exhibit, while the vertical one contains a spiral staircase and a three-story observatory. The first museum was built in 1843 but was short-lived. The second museum opened in 1941 and includes exhibits from the penitentiary across the street.

The West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville is another historic attraction worth visiting. The prison was originally built to corral Confederate prisoners of war but was later used as a jail. It was home to over 100 prisoners and has become a popular paranormal research location. Whether you're looking for a haunted grave or just enjoying a scenic drive, the prison is a worthwhile stop.

The Lower Gallery of the museum features exhibits about West Virginia's fossil record. You can see life-size ice age fossil casts and the state fossil, Megalonyx jeffersonii. The paleontology exhibit offers an educational background on the animals that coexisted with Native Americans. This is an ideal place to visit with your family and friends.